This week in Houston a homeless man was outside a Starbucks, became agitated and hit the window with his fist, breaking the glass.  Then he jumped into the window and landed on the table of two ladies having coffee. They were taken to the hospital – one is reported to be in danger of losing…

I just got a call from one of my sales reps. He reports that a homeowner at a complex where we installed Armor Glass had witnessed an attempted break-in to a house next door. Apparently when the police showed up ten minutes later the guy was still trying to get in.  His tool? An ADT…

This article describes a gang of robbers known for violent entries of businesses wearing masks and waving handguns. They put cocked guns to people’s heads in brute force to accomplish their mission. The Smoke Shop owner was lucky but let’s face it — not too many people would be able to do what he did….

Last night half of Texas was hit with hurricane-force winds and hail was reported as large as tennis balls. We even had a brief tornado.  All good reasons to get Armor Glass protection on your weakest link! Learn more about it in our EBook “Houses of Straw”…at

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