As president of Armor Glass, I sent the following letter to our state representatives. If interested in a discount, I encourage you to copy it and send it to your state rep and senator…

16 May 2016

Dear State Rep:

Three years ago I wrote to you after the explosion in West, Texas,which killed fifteen people to advise you that there is a technology that would have prevented some of those deaths from flying glass.  Some of you were enraged and demanded I apologize for “taking advantage of a tragedy.”  Well, three years later nothing has changed. As I said then: “You only pay attention when there is a crisis.”  Perhaps that was wrong because nothing has happened since.

Recently, Dallas and San Antonio experienced hail so severe it knocked out over 5,000 windows in the Dallas area, including the glass side of a hospital. They have also had numerous tornadoes, which — like hurricanes — destroy buildings by hurling wind-borne debris through the glass, resulting in uplift on the roof and structural collapse.

Last year I wrote you with the proposal that would cost the State of Texas nothing –allowing a discount on insurance for building owners who install “security window film” that would harden the envelop by “armoring” the weakest link of every building, its glass—so fragile even a child can break it.

In our experience, our film has prevented numerous break-ins, protected buildings during Hurricane IKE and prevented injuries at a Whataburger when a drunk guy on a motorcycle rammed their building in Seabrook, TX with enough force to break brickwork and a window. There were no customer injuries from flying glass because our film had been installed just 30 days before and contained it (no telling about the condition of the motorcyclist).

In another case a child ran into a glass wall on which we had installed film only a month before, and broke it! Our Armor Glass security film avoided injury, scares and a trip to the ER. Additionally, countless Texas businesses incur break-ins that our product would prevent. It has kept a burglar from breaking in on a woman home alone, avoiding both a theft and possible assault, or worse.

In January, we had the earliest hurricane to form in the Atlantic in over 70 years. Our luck won’t hold much longer, yet most buildings along the coast are still not protected from another hurricane—IKE blew out windows over 100 miles inland, causing billions in damages that could have been avoided with our cost effective technology. Tornadoes and hail, pose the same threat in north Texas and beyond. Schools have been asking for our protection after numerous break-ins and due to concerns about shooters.

Again, I urge the legislature to read “Houses of Straw” on our website ( to learn more about this vital safety solution and pass a law that gives owners an insurance discount for applying this protective technology that saves lives and avoids property damages. Some insurance companies provide this discount now and some do not give a discount, so not everyone is treated the same. The technology will also cut their losses due to burglaries and storms, from hail to hurricanes, while saving lives and providing 24/7/365 days a year protection while saving energy.

It won’t cost you a dime but it will save lives. Please act before we have another disaster. The old adage is still true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


Michael Fjetland, President

Armor Glass

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Tornado WARNING in Texas – Hurricane force winds

Outside my window the wind is beginning to SCREAM. Winds up to 72 miles per hour were recorded in DFW area today, heading towards Houston.
hurricane force winds without hurricane march 8 2016 dallas
Texas Weather Alert! Tornado WARNINGS are in effect. We are looking at potential tornadoes across Texas all the way to Houston.
NOTICE — We are having Hurricane-force winds WITHOUT THE HURRICANE! It’s part of the “new normal” of superheated air causing bigger storms that cause more damage.
Be careful – window breaks from wind-borne debris is what blows houses apart. Flying glass kills…
Armor Glass security films “armor the glass” to avoid the breach and the loss. As I look out over the angry lake whipped up by ever strengthening winds, I know that I am sitting behind an invisible barrier that has given my glass the strength to take a 4.5 lb. brick into it, or winds up to 175 miles per hour. I am no longer living in a “house of straw” as those who don’t have it.
In this storm, if you haven’t got Armor Glass protection on your windows working 24/7/365, shelter in place but STAY AWAY from the windows during the high winds, especially if tornado winds rise. We document why in our website book “Houses of Straw.”
Heads up! MORE of these will be coming so prepare in advance without delay. A harbinger of things to come are the series of CAT 5 storms in the Pacific and the January Atlantic hurricane, the first time in over 70 years we had one that early! !
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