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The Lady Who Regrets Buying the More Expensive Impact Windows Instead of Armor Glass

Yesterday I received a call from a lady in the Houston area named Betty, who was quite distraught. In 2008 she had purchased laminate windows from a company that has since gone out of business, which eliminates a warranty claim.  

The 18 windows cost her over $23,000 – and now 7 of them have seal failure. The cost of replacing them without a warranty is prohibitive for the 74 year old woman.

Laminated windows (impact windows) typically cost 3 to 5 times MORE per square footage than applying Armor Glass security film to existing windows.  If a window is broken in an incident (we have had everything from flying golf balls to attempted burglar break-ins) the replacement cost is also a fraction of what it costs to replace a broken laminated window.  

Yet our security film provides the same basic protection as a laminated impact window. 

I advised the lady that she might be better off replacing the failed laminated windows with regular double pane windows, and then have our Armor Glass film applied to them – if she isn’t in a hurricane zone requiring impact windows. It would cut her costs substantially. Otherwise she is facing spending another $10,000 on replacement laminated windows.

Hurricane season is approaching. Burglars are still breaking in 24/7. Armor Your Glass today, in the most affordable way possible.