HERE COMES MATTHEW as a CAT 4! _ Here is How it Tears Houses Apart

Sure enough, someone living on West Palm Beach Florida contacted us today and wanted installation NOW. Can’t blame them, the satellite photo of Matthew looks like a skull out of a horror movie. In a way, it is!  It will hit as a monster CAT 4 at 140 miles per hour winds! That is just one away from the top CAT 5 ranking.
This storm will KILL, buildings, people, so respect it and get the hell out of the way.
Sorry, but once the storm is coming it is too late to call us to protect your house from having windows breaking and roof flying away. Even if we could fight the winds and waves to show up, the storm will be gone by the time we could get there.
BUT do it after Matthew has passed — because every year is hurricane season. Hurricane-force winds blow your house apart by breaching the glass with triple digit winds hurling debris like tree limbs and street signs through your weakest link, the glass. Once its in, its “game over” for your house. Our book explains it in detail based on a study of prior hurricanes.
With Matthew roaring to meet the east coast, now is the best time to read our free book “Houses of Straw” to see how to protect yourself from these monsters (not to mention human thieve types)…
Why the title? Because that is what people are living in and don’t even know it, until they armor their weakest link…Read our blog at the link for updates as this beast raises hell with mankind.

WARNING: ATLANTIC Just Had Earliest Hurricane in Over 70 Years…!

The Atlantic, which has been unusually quiet for two hurricane seasons while CAT 5 after CAT 5 has raged in the Pacific Ocean the past two seasons, has roared to life in an ominous way.  I was on a commercial airliner in January that could not land in the Azores to let off two sick passengers because of Hurricane Alex.  I saw it as we chased the sun from Europe to a landing in Miami.  I had just been looking at blue skies in the Canary Islands from the deck of a ship. On land the locals said “they never get hurricanes” — because they don’t form that far east in the Atlantic. Until now.

For the first time in over 70 years we have seen the formation of a HURRICANE in JANUARY!

If that doesn’t set your hair on edge, it should.  Normally hurricane season begins June 1 as a technicality and the storms begin forming in August and the peak month of September.

A full fledged hurricane in January should be a WARNING to reasonable people that the Atlantic is coming to life. Like gambling, your luck never holds for long. We had two quiet storm years. Chances are the coin will not fall the same this year and it will be either normal or bring more BIZARRE weather events, like tornadoes in Maine in January.

If  the2016 Atlantic  mimics what has been happening in the Pacific the past two years, the U.S. could be in for a series of super-Sandy’s and super-Katrina’s – or even possibly WORSE.

Last year in the Pacific we had a hurricane (called Typhoon there) that broke the gauges–its top wind speeds were beyond CAT 5.  If the scale were changed to reflect the new “normal” of supercharged climate, it was a CAT 7!

Our buildings weakest link MUST be reinforced — or our buildings (the one you are now in) will not withstand these kinds of winds.  You are living in a “house of straw” and don’t know it. Glass is so fragile a child can break it. Storms are stronger than children.

We are now getting hurricane-force winds WITHOUT the hurricanes!  Tornadoes are spreading north and more numerous. Each of these storms breach window glass, leading to death, destruction and damage that could be avoided with Armor Glass.

So my advice is either get Armor Glass installed or read “Houses of Straw” at to see why this is the most urgent and smart move you can make to protect your biggest asset, not to mention your family.  It shows evidence from studies, with photos, what blows apart buildings and how to avoid that with a simple high tech product.

Best part: it will even cut your energy bill to pay for itself over time. it’s green security.

A storm is coming…..

You are forewarned. Are you prepared?

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2015 hurricane season hurricane

The CAT 7 Hurricane That Just Broke The CAT 5 Scale…

Hurricane Patricia is a warning – it just broke our hurricane scale. It won’t be the last!

Don’t take my word for it. The Weather Channel just reported that Hurricane Patricia is the strongest storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere – top speeds were recorded of 235 miles per hour! Luckily its speeds dropped to CAT 5 before it hit land.

Another anomaly with this storm– it went from an insignificant “tropical storm” to roaring CAT 5 winds in just 6 hours!  The super-charged hot waters of the Pacific acted like jet fuel to feed this beast.  (“Houses of Straw” shows how these “24-hour” hurricanes making ‘boarding up’ almost impossible; they do not give people time to prepare to save their homes by covering their windows, moving to high ground, etc.)

hurricane-patricia-mexicoCAT5 PLUS

It fact, Patricia was a such a mean machine that for the first time in recorded human history it broke our standard Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale — which tops out at CAT 5 and 157 miles per hour “and above.”At that speed, toss an airplane in the air and it will fly without even turning on the engine!

One expert said that if the hurricane scale was adjusted to reflect this hurricanes actual power, Patricia would have been a CAT 7! (Notice that the scale jumps a category every 20 miles per hour–so winds of 177 would be CAT 6 and winds of 198 would be CAT 7.)

Patricia is not alone – just last August Super-Typhoon Soudelor hit land as a CAT 4, just one of a string of CAT 5 storms in the hot-as-hell Pacific Ocean this year. At one point, we had an unprecedented TWO CAT 5 hurricanes at the same time, both near Hawaii! (photo below)


For the U.S. Patricia will no become a major RAIN event, producing up to 12 inch of rain and flooding. But it is also a warning that the U.S. coasts are vulnerable to bigger storms as the Atlantic Ocean also continues to heat up, providing more jet fuel for future storms.

We are simply not prepared –our structures need to be hardened, especially their weakest link, the window glass — and some need higher elevations to deal with this continued threat from Mother Nature.

Our (free) book “Houses of Straw” explains how most of us are living in ‘houses of straw.’ It has photos showing the forces that tear apart buildings in hurricanes and tornadoes. It shows how to “armor” them to avoid destruction. This would be a good time for citizens and public leaders to read it – and begin preparing for the days ahead when we too will face these Super-Storms that are blowing off the lid of our hurricane scales.

Get prepared. As Patricia and the other Pacific storms this record year shows, this is the new “normal” for weather.  We are not prepared!

Houses of Straw terrorism

The Armor Glass Defense from Terrorism

This week has been filled with horrifying video from France after the murder of the Charlie Hebdo journalists and hostage in a kosher deli in Paris.  Then a German magazine that published some of the cartoons was firebombed, killing no one but causing major damage. Armor Glass security film could have prevented this damage since it armors every buildings weakest link: its glass windows.

Find out more by reading our FREE EBook “Houses of Straw” which can be downloaded at our website: