Dallas – Meeting people who lived through “Bibilical Hailstorms/Tornadoes”


Nice place! Zero parking garage cost (unlike Houston Dallas and San Antonio that pop u $15 a day to park) .Big crowd.
One woman told me she was standing next to a window when hail knocked it out. It could have gotten into her eyes.
Woke this morning to lightning that knocked out the restaurant computers. Hail season doesn’t end until November and this storm was a reminder. People were scarred/scared by the biblical hail storms they had this year.
We had a couple gun nuts who thought their gun was all the protection they need. Boy, that will really help u in the next tornado/hail storm when the wind borne debris breaks your windows, allowing the internal pressure to blow their roof off! I let those folks move on.
But we met a lot of people who “got” it when they saw our video of what happens to their window when a brick hits it.
Wrap up at 5 today. I am back to road warrior status next few months…love it. Always a new place, new people, new challenge. And the best part– we are protecting people and saving them money, while cutting damage and injury to people and their property.
No one I have talked to across this country even knows about our life/energy saving technology until my Armor Glass team came along. Not knowing about it could be costly and even deadly. So read “Houses of Straw” at our Armor Glass website to see why you want it to protect your family.