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The CAT 7 Hurricane That Just Broke The CAT 5 Scale…

Hurricane Patricia is a warning – it just broke our hurricane scale. It won’t be the last!

Don’t take my word for it. The Weather Channel just reported that Hurricane Patricia is the strongest storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere – top speeds were recorded of 235 miles per hour! Luckily its speeds dropped to CAT 5 before it hit land.

Another anomaly with this storm– it went from an insignificant “tropical storm” to roaring CAT 5 winds in just 6 hours!  The super-charged hot waters of the Pacific acted like jet fuel to feed this beast.  (“Houses of Straw” shows how these “24-hour” hurricanes making ‘boarding up’ almost impossible; they do not give people time to prepare to save their homes by covering their windows, moving to high ground, etc.)

hurricane-patricia-mexicoCAT5 PLUS

It fact, Patricia was a such a mean machine that for the first time in recorded human history it broke our standard Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale — which tops out at CAT 5 and 157 miles per hour “and above.”At that speed, toss an airplane in the air and it will fly without even turning on the engine!

One expert said that if the hurricane scale was adjusted to reflect this hurricanes actual power, Patricia would have been a CAT 7! (Notice that the scale jumps a category every 20 miles per hour–so winds of 177 would be CAT 6 and winds of 198 would be CAT 7.)

Patricia is not alone – just last August Super-Typhoon Soudelor hit land as a CAT 4, just one of a string of CAT 5 storms in the hot-as-hell Pacific Ocean this year. At one point, we had an unprecedented TWO CAT 5 hurricanes at the same time, both near Hawaii! (photo below)


For the U.S. Patricia will no become a major RAIN event, producing up to 12 inch of rain and flooding. But it is also a warning that the U.S. coasts are vulnerable to bigger storms as the Atlantic Ocean also continues to heat up, providing more jet fuel for future storms.

We are simply not prepared –our structures need to be hardened, especially their weakest link, the window glass — and some need higher elevations to deal with this continued threat from Mother Nature.

Our (free) book “Houses of Straw” explains how most of us are living in ‘houses of straw.’ It has photos showing the forces that tear apart buildings in hurricanes and tornadoes. It shows how to “armor” them to avoid destruction. This would be a good time for citizens and public leaders to read it – and begin preparing for the days ahead when we too will face these Super-Storms that are blowing off the lid of our hurricane scales.

Get prepared. As Patricia and the other Pacific storms this record year shows, this is the new “normal” for weather.  We are not prepared!

Armor Glass Atlantic ocean hurricane security Soudelor Texas typhoon windows


Taiwan just got hit by a Monster Typhoon (hurricane) that was one of the planet’s largest – 180 mph winds at one point! 

We have to ask the question: when the Atlantic Ocean gets as HOT as the Pacific Ocean is now, are we going to be getting these off the scale CAT 5’s instead of the smaller ones like Hurricane IKE in 2008…?  I think it would be wise to prepare for that event.  If the Pacific is already that hot, eventually it will spread to the Atlantic.

i quote from the above linked article:

At its peak Monday afternoon (mainland U.S. time), Soudelor was estimated by the U.S. military’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) to pack maximum one-minute sustained winds of 180 mph and gusts to 220 mph.

                                   Eye of the Devil:   LOOK at that beast at 180 miles per hour!

The Japan Meteorological Agency estimated Soudelor’s central pressure at 8 a.m. EDT Tuesday was 900 millibars, making Soudelor the strongest tropical cyclone on Earth so far in 2015. That central pressure has come up quite a bit, reflecting Soudelor’s weakening, to an estimated 945 millibars.

According to the Digital Typhoon databaseSuper Typhoon Maysak was the year’s previous strongest typhoon, bottoming out at an estimated 910 millibars. South Pacific Cyclone Pam in March reached peak estimated sustained winds of about 165 mph (145 knots) in the South Pacific basin. “


YIKES! At that speed, windborne debris will definitely blow out glass causing structural failure.  Armor Glass has been tracking these and the strange thing is that the Pacific is getting repeated CAT 5 storms – time after time.  Whatever is going on to heat the air, the hotter air is creating bigger and meaner storms.

This would be a GOOD time to read “Houses of Straw“….how these winds destroy. And how to prepare.

breaking glass explosion hurricane teddy roosevelt Tropical Storm Bill

Thoughts from a High Rise on the Edge of the Bay as Tropical Storm BILL Comes Our Way…

I have to say — living next to a lake and bay — one good thing is that I feel much more secure despite the high winds knowing that my company’s polycarbonate security film is “armoring the glass.”  Otherwise I’d feel like a sitting duck – glass blowing out means nothing good. 

 I had no idea how vulnerable I was all those years until I was told about the technology and began to study it.It happens because of wind-borne debris strikes, and sometimes just from pure suction as happened to the Chase tower during IKE. 

Not for me. With Tropical Storm BILL bearing down I could not care less. 

I have “armored by glass” the weakest link that leads to structural failure when breached. And I am 4 stories up including the underground parking. If water gets this high there will no longer be a Houston!

The ground-based cars are the only problem in rising water. Now where is my helicopter — or flying amphibious car to get out of here after the next IKE? 


What happens when glacial melt raises the sea level another 3 feet…? Our car parking spaces will become an underwater boat dock.

We must upgrade our buildings for stronger storms — Adapt or die folks. 

My advice: Upgrade what you have, where you are, when you can (to paraphrase a Teddy Roosevelt quote I love, “Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are”). 

The Climate has become extreme and is not our friend anymore. We can’t survive it in “houses of straw.

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Tornado Tears Apart Apartment in Houston – How Armor Glass Could Have Protected It

In Houston over the weekend of violent storms, an apartment building was hit by a tornado, tearing it apart.  Armor Glass could have avoided that damage. 

Here’s how and why.  The photo below, taken from our ebook “Houses of Straw” shows what happens when wind-borne debris breaks through a glass window….


Breaching a window results in UPLIFT on the roof. That leads to Structural collapse. 

Engineers and architects will tell you that buildings are designed to resist EXTERNAL winds. But once a window breaks from debris hurled by high speed winds, then the wind goes inside and seeks a way out. That it what produces UPLIFT on the roof and blows walls out and roofs OFF.  One engineer told me that a break can equal 50,000 lbs. of UPLIFT on the roof!

Bottom Line: Avoid the breach of the buildings weakest link, avoid losing your roof!

ARMOR GLASS basically armors your existing glass.  When impacted it will look like the photo below:

And what does Armor Glass LOOK like? This:

Get more details on how Armor Glass protects your biggest asset from storms, burglars, solar heat, UV, etc. by reading our FREE EBook “Houses of Straw” available at our Armor Glass website. You will see what to do, and what NOT to do to get the best protection.

“Houses of Straw” refers to what all of us are living in – that is, until you armor your glass.

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Possible TORNADOES Coming Friday Saturday – Texas, Oklahoma etc.

It’s Tuesday and calm but by this Friday and Saturday SEVERE weather is expected to sweep large sections of Texas and Oklahoma — the major risk being TORNADOES, HAIL, etc.

If you can, COVER YOUR WINDOWS to keep them from being broken by wind-borne debris if you do not already have our Armor Glass security film on your windows.  It “armors your glass” so it is capable of sustaining 4.5 lb impacts and explosions. Right now it can’t take any impact without opening a huge hole.

Once the windows go, the winds UPLIFT the ROOF and structural failure is unavoidable. 

Believe it or not, but most humans are living in “houses of straw” that are easily blown apart because of a fatal flaw – easily broken glass. 

Unless you want to be putting up and taking down plywood or fabric every time an event occurs, Armor Glass is the only option that makes sense. It’s working 24/7, saving energy to pay for itself, while protecting your most valuable asset and family in it. 

Check out our FREE EBook, “Houses of Straw” and our website at 

Then give us a buzz so we can help you before the next storm blows in – it’s too late to call when the burglar is at the door or the hurricane or tornado are bearing down upon us.


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Hurricane season starting EARLY in 2015? Low in the Atlantic…

Usually our Hurricane season doesn’t officially start until June 1 of every year and runs to November 30, and usually nothing ever happens until AUGUST — but not this year.  

We already have a mysterious LOW in the Atlantic that could prove to be our first storm of what is supposed to be a “slow” season. Maybe not!

Here is a photo of the current situation:

It does not look like a problem for the Gulf of Mexico at the moment but the fact that we are seeing low pressure in the Atlantic a month before the official beginning of hurricane season is a reason to be cautious and get prepared for a possible storm that no one expected. It’s been 7 years since Hurricane IKE hit Houston – so we can’t stay “lucky” indefinitely.

My gut says that when they say it will be a “slow” season is to expect the unexpected!
Hurricanes throw wind-borne debris through glass windows, allowing uplift on the roof that destroys a building. Armor Glass security film is designed to avoid a breach by large debris strikes (up to 4.5 lb), saving the interior from wind, rain, mold, flying glass and dangerous uplift.

Get more info from our Free EBook “Houses of Straw” at our website.

Recently we have been called by storefronts that have been broken into multiple times. We put security film on 8 stores for a well known regional restaurant chain and it has already prevented injuries when a motorcycle collided with a store and broke a window. It kept glass from spraying onto customers.

We have been taking care of homeowners with solar heat and security issues. We have put it on homes, churches, schools and private and public buildings.  Retired teachers have it, along with astronauts and engineers. Some of our clients are literally “out of this world” at the moment.

It costs nothing to get a quote.

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I heard that wolf howling last night over my roof….

I took this photo of this ancient glass on a building in Norway – in 2011.

Apparently for centuries people wanted a ‘window with a view’ no matter how crude it was. Glass is a 5,000 year old technology….

We risk our lives and six figure dwellings on it every day.  I had no idea how crazy that is until I did the research on it. lol

It’s in “Houses of Straw“…Remember the story of the Three Little Pigs, the house of straw and a big bad wolf?  I heard that wolf howling last night over my roof….


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What Armor Glass does – in a Few Photos…