Residential Solar/Hurricane Security Film

Protecting homes in Houston, TX and Dallas, TX

We install Armor Glass® solar/hurricane film in residential homes, large and small, across Texas, including houses of astronauts, retired space station executives, teachers, engineers, architects, and houses on Galveston Bay before IKE (and survived IKE undamaged).

Project Safe Windows

After the devastating 2004 hurricane season (which was followed by Katrina and Rita in 2005) the Protecting People First Foundation commissioned ABS Consulting to study the impact of hurricanes on various window-protection technologies. They studied Shutters, Hurricane Screens, Impact Resistant Glass (Laminated), Plywood — and Safety and Security Window Film.

Reduce Property Damage with Security Film

In short, they found that the differences in performance of the technology is dramatic in some cases — and that structures that had security window film installed survived storms in which the next-door structure that did not have it was destroyed or heavily damaged.

The catastrophic chain-of-events begins with wind-borne debris that breaks a window, allowing the wind to rush in. Air going in needs to go out and the easy way out is UP, blowing off a roof. The same negative impact could happen from a debris strike by an urban tornado.

Once the envelope of a structure is breached, the researchers found that it led to a significant increase in the internal air pressure that can result in a wide range of damage including total building collapse and structural failure. Security film kept structures both secure and dry.