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Worst Killer Tornadoes in Quarter Century: Drought in Texas

Experts say the 230 tornadoes that just hit the eastern states is the worst outbreak in 25 years – a quarter century! Winds were estimated to hit up to 200 mph!

In the meantime Texas is having the worst drought since 1917. Temperatures are rising fast.
While we usually focus on hurricane and burglar protection, Armor Glass could have helped the buildings in a tornadoes path. The film can handle winds up to 175 mph – and keep glass from blowing in after a debris strike.
Once there is a breach of the glass the penetrating winds can blow apart a building – that’s what “Project Safe Windows” found happened to buildings in the 2004 hurricanes that hit Florida. The film would also contain the flying glass shrapnel.
Technology makes a difference. Are you prepared? Don’t get hammered without Armor Glass!