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Window Losses from Storms Lead to Lost Production

We have talked about the interior damages caused when a storm like IKE blows out windows, but we haven’t discussed the lost productivity which costs companies MILLIONS.

For example, after IKE, major companies were closed for days due to damages to their corporate headquarters. Companies that have Houston offices that were affected by IKE and operated with limited personnel include Anadarko Petroleum Corp (APC.N), Hess Corp (HES.N) and oil major ConocoPhillips (COP.N).
For example, this press release: “Schlumberger Ltd (SLB.N), the world’s largest oilfield services company, said its corporate offices in the Galleria Area of Houston sustained wind damage and are closed until further notice, an email from a spokesman said.”
And there was this: “Many energy trading floors, which expanded in recent years to capitalize on rising energy prices, were said to be working with skeleton staffs. One major oil trading operation said it had “computer issues.”


“The world’s largest company Exxon Mobil Corp (XOM.N), which owns 44-story building in downtown Houston, has shuttered its office tower and other Houston offices to nonessential personnel.”

All of this damage and lost productivity could have been avoided if our security window film had been installed. For example, our film was protecting the computer servers for the University of Houston (housed next to 10′ sections of glass) and their emergency operations building.

Don’t wait for the next storm to take out your business to act. Not only will our film keep you operating, and safe from flying glass and water damage, but it can also cut your energy bills enough to pay for itself over time.