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Wild Wind is UP Tonight – Wild Day Going to Uncharted Territory

There is a WILD WIND whipping over the lake tonight, now that I’m finally home from my odyssey today. The day was like that too, oddly enough. There was a lot of energy in the air.

This is the first time waves are crashing over the pier next door (STRONG storms are predicted for tomorrow. TORNADOES are expected in the middle of the country). Today Mother Nature’s Fury is targeting the poor bastards in Oklahoma – more Triple Vortex Bad Boys that Mother Nature is starting to crank up in the warming air these days.

We missed WINTER. Expect another Record HOT SUMMER.

The nice couple at a Sugar Land house I was at today told me that they were PUMMELED by GOLF BALL SIZE HAIL in JANUARY of this year. Think about that – HAIL in JANUARY?

How WEIRD is that? The nasty hail knocked out windows and roofs. The weird part is this — weird weather is staring to become “normal” – daily/weekly.

BURGLARIES are now a 24/7 enterprise EVERYWHERE. People need to protect themselves and their families by armoring their buildings’ weakest link – their glass.

It was a WILD day today for me. Tons of calls to make as people keep finding us somehow.

One of them proved to be in uncharted territory – an address in a burb that didn’t show up on any of the 3 GPS devices I have! That never happens. It didn’t even show up on Mapquest, leaving me up a creek with no paddle! I discovered later that the homeowner’s AT&T phone service wasn’t working in his new house on the edge of Sugar Land, so I couldn’t contact him to get directions. When he told me that I checked and my Verizon – it had multiple bars!

To find the house I ended up having to go to the subdivisions sales office in that area where a VERY nice lady gave me a couple maps to finally get me there after a two hour hunt.

It felt strange trying to drive while squinting at a PAPER map, wondering what that street was I just passed – the signs are always so little if they exist at all! I’m used to at least one GPS saying “Turn Right HERE buddy — or you’ll regret it!” Somehow I found it.

Then another shock. This one involved ethics and professionalism when peoples’ lives and property are at stake.

After I advised the homeowner what he needed in Armor Glass film and Dow 995 frame bonding to protect his house from burglars on the ground floor and hurricanes upstairs, he told me that another well known national company had already been there, looked at the same windows — and told him that all of his tempered glass (a LOT) did NOT require frame bonding in addition to application of the security film.

Did I just hear the worst misrepresentation possible, by a major company no less? Sounded like it to me.

That’s like saying that having a gun without bullets is going to protect you if you need to fire it. I was shocked anyone would misrepresent the true technical facts to a customer like that, especially because the customer is relying on the professional’s advice, right?

It is well known in the window film industry that if you do not BOND Security Film to the Window FRAMES on TEMPERED Glass it WILL FALL OUT OF THE FRAME IF STRUCK — UNLESS the film is BONDED to the window frame with a special sealant made by Dow Corning called “995.” GE makes a similar sealant. Failure to bond tempered glass means that the glass will detach from the frame and blow in if it is struck by either a human or hurricane-force wind-borne debris.

This usually happens at the WORST of time –a window collapsing in front of a man with a gun or 125 mph hurricanes blowing in the glass and bringing damaging rain and winds into the house, and uplifting the roof. Why? Because a company’s rep said that the bonding was not applied on tempered glass during installation of the security film?

I was stunned.

Telling a potential customer who has zero knowledge of the technology that a vital element to make it work properly is not needed is, at best, unethical — and at worst, negligent under the law.

We won’t do that. BTW, Armor Glass put our security film on a window for a lady last summer. 5 days later someone tried to break into her home through one of those windows, and failed. The crook left empty handed when she got home and discovered her good fortune – nothing stolen! No unwanted entry!

Bottom line: We do it RIGHT!