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Why Solar Film (Without Security) is a Waste of $$$

It’s almost SUMMER and already it’s HOT.  People looking for relief are tempted to put solar film on their windows. However, that is a WASTE of money. Here’s why.

All Solar Film does is cut out the heat from the sun’s rays — and nothing else. It is about 2 mil (or less) thick. It provides zero protection from burglars, wind-borne debris tossed by hurricanes and large storms. In this day and age it is the equivalent of putting 1-ply tires on your car and expecting them to hold up.  Instead, they will fail at the most inconvenient time possible.

What does make sense for those of us who live in areas subject to break-ins, tornadoes and hurricanes is SECURITY Film – it not only cuts out the sun’s heat but it is “Large Missile” rated to prevent breaches (4.5 lb Level “C”), explosion rated and Miami Dade hurricane rated (PA 201, 203).
At 8 mil, security film it is four times thicker than cheap solar film. To see how easy it is to break ordinary glass (even with solar film), check out this video demo we made:

Unlike solar film, security film will provide real security from intrusion of your building’s weakest link — its windows — by Mother Nature or uninvited humans as well as cut down on solar heat (up to 79%) and harmful UV (99%).  It’s like riding on 4 ply tires that will hold up from the punishment.

So why waste your money on cheap solar film when every day homes and businesses face threats from break-ins and hurricane-force winds during storms?

Pick Armor Glass certified Security Films to protect you from both solar heat and an unwanted breach of your windows. And the cost is still a fraction of what shutters or impact glass costs per square foot. 

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