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Watch Out for Labor Day Storm on Gulf Coast

Forget Katia – there is a tropical wave near Cancun that computer models show hitting somewhere on the Gulf Coast around the Labor Day weekend. It could provide just rain, or become a roaring hurricane.

It is not yet fully organized but the Gulf of Mexico waters are extraordinarily hot- nearly 90 degrees – which could ignite the afterburners and rev up a big storm with little advance notice.

Warm waters act like throwing gasoline on a fire when it comes to tropical storms. Hot water can turn a small tropical storm into a killer Hurricane in less than 24 hours. People used to having days notice to “board up” (the outdated way of preparing for a storm) may have less than 24 hours notice before it hits.

Whether or not it will rev up to hurricane strength is unknown. Keep your eyes on this one. It could provide a nasty surprise, or much needed rain, or both.

Fortunately, Armor Glass security film customers are already prepared and won’t have to “board up” to be ready. While waiting on the next storm they are also getting solar heat relief and break-in protection.

Stay tuned. It will be a wild few days ahead. Anything is possible…