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Warming Earth = Bigger Tornadoes/Hurricanes

Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel said it tonight: A Warmer Earth means more energy that translates into bigger storms–like the record 450+ tornadoes we had in April –killing over 300 people. These are the strongest storms since 1966!

And May is normally the really big month for tornadoes! That means we need to upgrade our building codes to withstand stronger, more destructive winds. The weakest link on every building – it’s windows.
Project Safe Windows in 2004 – the study of the 2004 hurricanes that hit Florida found that buildings are destroyed once windborne debris breaks a window. The inrushing wind looks for a way out. The easy way out is to lift up the roof. The building basically blows itself apart.
With stronger winds from a warmer earth, these killer storms are going to continue killing buildings until we armoring up the windows, the weakest link. If we aren’t going to take action to reduce the impact of a warming earth, we have no choice but to build stronger shelters to withstand these killers..