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Wacky News: Strongest Late Season Hurricane – High Rise Hazards

Two Wacky News items of note:

The strongest late season hurricane on record — Kenneth — reached CAT 4 status before diminishing to tropical storm strengh. Details at:

And then there is this gem:

Pedestrians in England REALLY needed protection from Armor Glass when a man broke a high rise window with a fire extinguisher and started hurling furniture, computers, etc out the window in a fit of “office rage”! Fortunately, most of the pedestrians below were protected from being hit by a canopy. However the fire extinguisher landed on a car (wonder what his insurance agent will say?). Details at:

Had our film been installed, the “office rager” would have been even more frustrated – he never would have been able to break through the glass! LOL.

You just never know when you’ll need protection…