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Tropical Storm Don – Target Texas

Here is our “wake up” call – Tropical Storm “Don” is shooting straight for the Texas coast.

The photo is the projected path as of this hour. It could change in the next day. Hopefully it will not reach full hurricane wind speed.

But it is a reminder that these storms don’t give people a lot of time to prepare. What if it were a CAT1 or 3? Do you think you could “board up” in time?

Probably not. That’s why it makes more sense to have 24/7 protection that your get from Armor Glass hurricane security film, which also keeps burglars and solar heat at bay in between storms.

Email or Call for a free quote – but don’t expect us to install it before “Don” hits this Friday/Saturday (we are already booked!).

To be prepared for a hurricane, you have to “plan ahead” (something they should do in Congress as well!). Get prepared. Be prepared. Or next time you may not be so “lucky.”

This is an early start, so worse storms could be possible as we reach the peak of the season in mid-September!