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Tornadoes Ripping Texas Oklahoma ….How they destroy buildings

TORNADOES are ripping across North Texas and Oklahoma as I write.  Over 85 of the have been reported since Friday. The threat runs from San Angelo to north of Oklahoma City.
Tornadoes destroy like hurricanes — they throw debris through the windows, causing instant UPLIFT on the roof which blows roof off and walls out. That is how it blows your house/building apart! HAIL will break windows and allow damaging wind and rain inside. You can do something to protect yourself.
Armor Glass security film “armors your glass” so that impacts won’t easily breach the windows and glass doors. It will keep hail from breaching your glass and damaging the interior. It’s been tested to Miami Dade standards and has passed the Large Missile impact test (4.5 lb. Level C–like a brick smashing into it).
Every year these threats will continue. We live in “Houses of Straw” and need to armor the weakest link, the windows, or watch them blow away in the wind, with people still inside.