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TORNADOES Hit Dallas – Flying glass is Dangerous

TORNADOES are hitting Dallas today.

Like hurricanes, tornadoes hurl wind-borne debris through glass, causing structural failure. Flying glass is like deadly shrapnel. Our Armor Glass security film will contain the glass in a polycarbonate blanket. It will withstand a “Large Missile” strike – up to 4.5 lbs.

Whether its hurricanes, burglars or tornadoes (or even solar heat) Armor Glass security film protects people and their property.

The Dallas tornado COULD have hit the AIRPORT, or downtown buildings, as one did in Ft. Worth a few years ago. It tore holes in windows that collapsed buildings. It threw 18 wheelers into the air like toys. VERY STRANGE WEATHER.

Have you “Armored Your Glass?” It’s your building’s WEAKEST LINK.

Our Storms are getting STRONGER. Remember Tuscaloosa last year? FREAK WEATHER is becoming an ANNUAL EVENT.

That means we need to UPGRADE OUR STRUCTURES to make them more SAFE and SECURE.

That is what ARMOR GLASS does – our security films ‘armor your glass’ from burglars and wind-borne debris — from hurricanes and tornadoes –plus hail, golf balls, baseballs, etc. – preventing water intrusion and reducing damages and injuries from broken glass.

Are you protected?

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