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Tornado Threat – in January?

Tornadoes hitting in JANUARY? It appears that 2012 could be another strange weather year. 2011 had over 12 Extreme Weather events – from triple vortex tornadoes to drought and triple digit heat.

Remember, tornadoes are like hurricanes – they throw debris through your glass and the internal pressure then blows the building apart. Having Armor Glass security film on your glass “armors it” to give you more protection than what you have – NONE.
And it has kept burglars from breaking in and saves energy from solar heat–while costing a fraction of the alternatives (laminated glass or shutters.)
What’s there not to love about that?
Speaking of heat, 2011 was the 35th consecutive year that temperatures have been ABOVE NORMAL. So, expect more of same this summer (in Houston we are having record temps in January!)