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Tornado Protection – What works?

After a devastating hit Moore Oklahoma last year, new building codes have been implemented – but are they enough?

I personally saw the devastation in Moore when I delivered supplies after the tornado hit. I took a few photos to document the destructive power of this killer.


From what I have read, I don’t think so.

Protecting garage doors is a good idea but they never mention protecting the GLASS, the weakest link of every building.WHY is that important?

Tornadoes are like condensed hurricanes–winds spinning around a core at furious speeds. After four major hurricanes hit Florida in 2004 a study was made to find out why some houses survived while those next door were destroyed. They discovered the culprit – wind-borne debris.

When wind-borne debris hits a window and penetrates, wind rushes inside the structure and looks for a way out. The easy way is to uplift the roof. Basically it blows the building apart. Window glass is a 5,000 year old technology that hasn’t changed in all that time. Glass can still be broken by a child or a small stone.

So unless cities like Moore and Oklahoma City also require windows to be beefed up ” the “upgrades” will do little to protect the houses from future storms. Our security window film “fortifies” the glass to be like an impact window–only for far less cost than buying impact windows. Our security film is rated for a “Large Missile” Impact, which is a 4.5 lb. object shot into a test window (see the video on our website).  Think of it like a tornado throwing debris into your glass. Once a window breaks, its “game over” for the building.

Not that a film would protect a building from a direct hit by a tornado and 200 mile per hour winds, but it would protect nearby structures taking hits that are within the “Large Missile” category. It can take a 175 mile an hour wind (without impact).

To see how it works check out our website at (its a temporary site as we move our main site to a new set of servers in the next few days)

Tornadoes, hurricanes, burglars, solar heat – all are enemies of your glass.  It remains the easiest way to break into a building, or destroy it in a storm.

“Armor your glass” and ‘go green’ at the same time. Our tinted security film is ‘carbon negative’ meaning that it saves more energy than it takes to make it. It cuts enough solar heat from entering a building to pay for itself over time.

Contact us for more details BEFORE the next storm or burglar hits.