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The Golf Ball Incident – Another AG Save

Rosemary, a customer who lives on a golf course just called. She said that a golf ball smashed one of the windows we had installed our security film on last year.

She said it “worked as advertised” and that “it kept glass from flying all over the house – there was no breach of the window.

Once she replaces the window (without having to put up a piece of plywood or worry about rain blowing in – if we ever get any more rain), then we put on a new piece of film on the new window and she’s good to go again. All she has to pay for is the one piece of film, which is a very small cost.

And if it is covered by insurance then the insurance should also cover the cost of the replacement film since it was a fixture on the glass when it was hit.

I love this product! As she said “this is such a great product!”