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The BANKER “Breaking Bad, Breaking Windows”

Talk about “Breaking Bad!” An L.A. Investment banker has been arrested for….breaking windows.

What?  This is an ODD story.  Yep, he was caught driving around and using a series of weapons (from sling shots to guns) to break windows. A highly paid vandal getting his “kicks.”

One thing is for sure – the businesses that were hit needed Armor Glass security film!

This week I was in an exclusive subdivision in Houston that is surrounded by 12 foot walls. It was so “secure” that to get into it I had to use a special gate — and I got lost trying to find the one exit.

Yet the resident told me that people were jumping over the walls and breaking into houses! I have heard the same story in every part of the city and surrounding rural areas.

Is it the HEAT making people crazy?  Temperatures are running 101 degrees in northern states! Maybe its causing investment bankers to go “bonkers.”  Our security film could have “cooled” him off.

Perhaps the crazy weather is making people nuts? We can’t restore our sanity but we can make your cooler and safer!

Stay tuned…!