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Testing our HD Dash Cam When a Call Came in – the break in attempt. True Story

After seeing the meteor in Russia captured by a driver’s “Dash cam” I decided that it would be a good idea to try one out, especially due to recent events. Last week as I was driving and on the phone I saw the back tire of the truck in front of me blow out – hurling pieces of rubber at me as I moved to another line and carried on the conversation.

It made me think. “What would happen if those pieces had damaged my car? How would I find the owner?  What if I was in an accident and the only proof of who had the green light was my cam? Before that I had a tire throw its tread which could have caused a wreck.

So I ordered one since I could get it “Free” by using points accumulated on a credit card. Most of these cas sell for around $60 but the “MakeIt HD Cam sold by Spy-Tec on Amazon retails for about $129. I went for it after reading a couple reviews. Check out for yourself the image and wide angle view.

So during this test after making a client visit, I got a call from someone with broken glass. I told them about a break in attempt at one of our clients when the wife was home alone. Check out the clarity of this dash cam, and listen in to a true story. Whole thing is less than 2 minutes! (The female voice is the GPS giving directions).