Armor Glass® film was able to replace electric shutters at UH costing hundreds of thousands of dollars with its hurricane/explosion certified film for a fraction of the cost of shutters or impact glass!”

Armor Glass® installed their security film on my double pane windows. Five days later someone tried to break in while I was away, and failed! They broke the outer pane and managed only a one inch hole on the inner pane that had the film attached, and gave up! It was such a relief not to have my house broken into.”

“A 70% reduction in our solar heating cut our power costs 1/3!”

“I was concerned about UV fading my furniture. I was impressed that even the clear Armor Glass® security film cuts 99% of UV rays that causes fading and skin cancer. Shutters and impact glass don’t do that…”

“I wanted it to keep vandals, burglars and ‘smash and grab’ thieves from breaking into and entering my property.”

“I was glad to know that Armor Glass® film is installed without using any toxic substances—just baby shampoo and water. I wanted the protection but didn’t want my children and pets exposed to any dangerous vapors during installation.”

“I liked that Armor Glass® sells a ‘Green’ product that saves energy, creates green jobs and at the same time protects my family and property from burglars, hurricane-force winds, solar heating and UV rays for a fraction of the cost of the alternatives like impact glass and shutters. I see it as a win-win-win for my family.”

“The solar security window film has definitely improved the comfort throughout our building. We have also seen a reduction in utility costs.”

“I was impressed with the quality of the installation and that Armor Glass® uses installers with decades of experience. They were very professional.”