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Testimonial on Electric Savings – Doug and Debra Q

We just got this testimonial for a client with Armor Glass security film – they have 100% MINIPANE windows. We used a security film for burglar/hurricane protections that also cuts 50%-plus of SOLAR Heat…

as you may recall, we had  Armor Glass installed on our house in Pine Brook for hurricane/security  purposes last May.  The house faces east/west so we have a lot of sun exposure.  I wanted to let you  know that in addition to the security features of Armor Glass, the  product has saved us more than 3000 kw on our electric bill over the past 12 months since installation.  In the peak a/c months, the reduction in our electricity usage ranged from 14-21 % over prior years.  More than half of our total electric savings occurred in the peak a/c months.  The electricity savings may not produce a quick pay out but it’s sure is nice to save a little money in addition to the peace of mind with the protection of Armor Glass.

Doug & Debra Q”