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Testimonial Letter on Attempted Break in – Stopped by AG

We just got a testimonial letter from a customer who said that five (5) days after we installed our security film (clear) on some of her windows that someone tried to break in.

They failed. The interesting thing is that the “cure” time is normally 30 days – yet it still foiled the burglars.

The following is a subscription of her letter.

“On Friday, 9/24/2010, Armor Glass installed [security] film on several downstairs windows.
On the following Wednesday, 9/29.2010, an attempted break-in was made via the back kitchen window (which fortunately had the film).
The windows are double-pane. The exterior pane broke as regular glass and larger pieces were found on the ground below. The interior glass with the Armor Glass film was broken. However, the film tightly held all the fragments together.
The intruder tried to remove the glass for entry to the house, but after managing to open an area approximately 4″ wide x 2″ high at the bottonm of the window glass, he gave up the attempt and left the premises.
The double pane glass was replaced Monday 10/4/2010. It took the glass installation person about one hour to remove the broken glass (held by the film) from the frame.
The film is certainly a deterrent for attempted burglary.
Loretta P.”
Imagine that was your house – would they have gotten in?