Don’t Fall for the Con – Nothing less than 8 mil is “Security” Film!

STUNNED was my reaction today when I went to do a security quote for a major hospital in Houston that wanted to secure the glass in a sensitive area (so sensitive I can’t describe it without giving it away).

The hospital didn’t want someone being able to break the glass wall and enter the area. If you shoot or hit any bare glass wall with a brick, or kick it, its in a million pieces on the floor and the person can step through an empty frame in two seconds. Armor Glass is designed to stop that.

It turned out that two of us representatives for companies that “armor glass” with security film turned up at the same time. Normally it would have been just me and I wouldn’t have seen the stunt he pulled with the potential client.

So we both went with the hospital facilities person to see the area they wanted to secure.

The first thing the competitor did was pull out some film and says “We have this 4 mil…” a pause, oh yes (while looking at me).. we also have an 8 mil.” I should have stopped it right then and said “Why are you even offering an unqualified 4 Mil product for this project?!”

I turned to the facilities rep and said the truth: “Nothing less than 8 mil is certified for Large Missile Impact, which is what you just said you wanted for this area.”

I was so mad that the competitor guy was offering the unqualified cheap stuff that didn’t meet the spec as the first thing he put on the table. That is unprofessional. It is dangerous to the public who expect to get what they ask for–security film means 8 mil or thicker film, not less.

With film, its hard to tell the thickness just by looking at it–or what’s certified or not. So these guys play the con game “sell a cheap knockoff, tell them “its just as good” — then take the money and run.”

Armor Glass doesn’t play games with peoples lives like that.

Armor Glass never offers anything less than 8 mil which is the thinnest film that is certified for “Large Missile Impact” (4.5 lb. Level C) which is what you need to avoid catastrophic failure of a window during a burglary or a hurricane. A 4 mil is not rated for that. A 6 mil is not rated for that. So why offer it?

Think of it this way. You go in to buy tires. A sales guy says “I got these great 2 ply tires and they are cheap!” A 2 ply tire is cheaper than a 4 ply, right? A 2 ply tire is ok for a trailer or the farm tractor but its not certified to put a 3,000 lb car that could take on another 1,000 lbs of passengers and baggage, drive 70 miles per hour, hitting potholes, etc. without a high risk of catastrophic failure from a blow out. Right? How do you think that story will end? A wreck at the minimum….That is what offering 4 mil is like, selling the cheap thing that will fail.

Armor Glass is like putting on 8 ply tires so that don’t blow, even when they hit a hole. Our competition is pushing “2 ply” tires and won’t pay the price for the failure. The buyer will.

This incident shows why no one should buy Security Film to “armor their glass” from anyone other than Armor Glass is for this exact incident – it happens every day all the time by those who aren’t being security professionals. I wasn’t surprised when it happened, but it did hack me off. Later I told the hospital rep that this is a common shell game companies play with peoples’ lives.

Don’t fall for the con. Yes, 2 ply tires are cheaper than 4 ply to put on a car. But when they blow out at 70 miles per hour and the wreck kills you or leaves you in a wheelchair, how was that a smart investment? Same with window film. You won’t know if its good or not until the glass is hit by flying debris, or a brick.

Armor Glass 8 mil Certified film is still the best bargain for value, so why not get the best product to be safe? The same film was put on the Pentagon and all federal buildings after 911. We have put it on schools, dorms, houses, storefronts and prevented countless break-ins, including on a woman home alone.

TRUST is what it is all about. We can’t vouch for anyone else. But I founded Armor Glass as a former Terrorism Analyst that wanted to provide the best product at a fair price. You can TRUST Armor Glass to sell and install only certified Large Missile Impact rate Security Film (8 Mil or more), not cheap knock offs as the unprofessional companies will do.