Schools – Called Armor Glass after series of Break-ins

We recently installed our Armor Glass film on a private school in Sugar Land which had suffered two break-ins in one week!  The schools has a huge amount of glass, offering easy access with minimum effort.


Now, the school students and staff are protected not just from break-ins, but they can “Shelter in place” if a tornado or hurricane hits. It would also delay a shooter from entering the building, unlike regular glass.

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School break-ins. Armor Glass to the rescue

We just finished putting our solar security film on a school in Sugar Land which shall remain nameless to protect their confidentiality.

Why did they want it? Because they were broken into recently. The vandals/thieves had an entire wall of glass to choose from – it really didn’t matter which glass window they choose to hit; it was easily breached.

When the school owners turned up the next day, the damage was done. They chose not the CLEAR film, which works as well, bu the TINTED SECURITY film which also cuts 50% of the solar heat that radiates through their glass, increasing their energy costs. It also knocks out 99% of the harmful UV rays that children are exposed to even when they are playing inside regular glass windows.

Armor Glass film not only secure from breach by burglars, but in the event a shooter should try to enter, it will block entry, giving them time for police to arrive and engage and the school time to lock down.

And in the next hurricane-force wind event, from a hurricane, severe storm or tornado, the staff and children will be able to “Shelter in Place”  more protected from flying glass from an impact by wind-borne debris than they have ever been.

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It is still the least costly protection available on the market.

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What 1 Million People Who Moved to Houston After Hurricane IKE Don’t Know That Threatens Their Biggest Asset

Today our biggest assets are vulnerable to destruction because of our reliance on a 5,000 year-old technology that remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years until Armor Glass® ‘Green+Security’ film was created.

Studies have shown how hurricane-force winds (even without the hurricane) hurl wind-borne debris that breaches glass allowing winds to rush in that uplift the roof and force the walls out causing structural failure. One engineer estimated a breach in window glass could yield 50,000 lbs. or more of uplift on a roof.

By protecting the glass from breach, you protect the building from collapse. It’s that simple, yet few people — even in the architectural community — are aware of this vital, property and-life- saving knowledge. As CEO of Armor Glass and AIA course-certified lecturer on “Green +Security,” I asked a survey question in one program with 30 architects. Only 4 of them knew about security film despite living in Houston, which was hit by Hurricane IKE in 2008!

Tornadoes operate the same way. They are condensed hurricanes that destroy by hurling debris through the glass, sending thousands of glass shards flying and instantly pressurizing the building and blowing walls outward, causing chaos inside as the building collapses. Study photos of blown off roofs and you will find a broken window near it every time.

Burglars love glass as an easy entry point. Our videos show how one hit with a brick and they are IN! Glass is so fragile that children can break it, and do every year, causing serious injuries and even death.

School shooters love glass because it’s no challenge. It takes less than two seconds for a shooter to blast into a thousand pieces a tempered glass window or door and enter the building, as the shooter did at Sandy Hook. Armor Glass would have stopped him!

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How Many Times Do You Need a Break-In Before Calling Armor Glass?

Got an emergency call yesterday – a chain store that had been robbed multiple times. The Crooks break the glass and run in, grab stuff, and run out — all in one minute!

Finally they did some research and called Armor Glass – had a crew there the next day (today) to ‘armor their glass.’  Should be a big surprise the next time someone tries to break in that store…

And then there was the TORNADO in Giddings, TX. This is a great example of what Armor Glass can prevent – injuries from flying glass after breach by a tornado or hurricane…


burglaries burglars smash and grab storefront break ins.

Anatomy of a Burglary

This video was taken by a home security system of a break in on July 14, 2014 in Houston.  We have edited it down to less than 2 minutes…

Notice that having cameras viewing burglar suspects does NOT keep them from breaking in – they don’t even open the door they broke to avoid setting off an alarm!

Only Armor Glass security film on those glass doors would have made a difference. And covering only a few windows won’t cut it – you can’t predict which glass entry they will choose.

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