We Get the Most Unusual Calls – From Cannabis stores to Armored Hummers

One of the amusing things about heading up Armor Glass is the unique calls we get.  So far this year we have been asked to supply Armor Glass security film for

(1) a Hollywood movie scene for Keanu Reeves

(2) A cannabis store on the west coast, and

(3) A company that makes armored cars and is trying to beef up the glass in Hummers.

Numbers 2 and 3 came in this week. Obviously, a store selling cannabis that has glass windows needs to keep someone from breaking the glass late at night and hauling off the inventory.  Apparently they also have to keep the “merchandise” hidden from street view, so the silver tint version appealed to the owner.

The Hummer company is armoring cars. Apparently Hummers come with standard glass and bullet proof glass can’t be rolled up or down – so our product appealed to them because even with 8 mil (rate for Large Missile impact) still allows the windows to be rolled up and down. I know because i put it on a van i owned a few years ago. Most car tinters use a thin 2 mil film that is cut by computers. That won’t keep people from breaking in.

A couple weeks ago it was a set designer for an upcoming movie that wanted to try out Armor Glass on a room of mirrors for a scene. I am not volunteering to duel Keanu in a room of glass!

All this is in addition to providing a security film that has kept burglars from breaking in as well as hurricane-force winds from breaking windows and lifting off roofs.  It has kept schools safe from shooters and retired teachers safe from tornadoes that act like hurricanes in tearing apart buildings.

Not to mention cutting solar heat, energy bills and deadly UV. Check it out and our free ebook – how people are living in “Houses of Straw“…and how to armor your weakest link.

cannabis store


Possible Hurricane Off Mexico… says that we could see yet another hurricane in the Pacific – this one next to Mexico which could dump heavy winds and rain into Texas in next few days.


Hurricanes tear apart houses by breaking windows. See “Houses of Straw” for more information–because that is what we are living in until we upgrade the weakest link.

Prepare now since next year, and every year, we face yet another hurricane threat.

Our security film will also cut solar heat (50% and more) and 99% of UV. So it pays for itself in more ways than saving energy.


Radio host who learned a Hard Lesson – Never Leave Home Without Armor Glass!

A radio personality in Houston spent the summer talking about Armor Glass. Now he wishes he had taken his own advice and had it installed BEFORE his house was broken into.

Here is JP Pritchard, in his own words (60 seconds):

After the break-in, JP asked for a quote and was surprised how reasonable it was. We had it installed in no time. He later said: “We didn’t leave the house for a week after the break-in, not until we have Armor Glass installed. Only then did we feel comfortable going away with no one home.”

Contact us today for a FREE quote. Don’t wait to lose your valuables before calling.  JP and his wife will not recover a lot of property worth more than what Armor Glass cost to install, not to mention those sentimental valuables.



Video of burglary Not As Good As Keeping Them OUT

Last week, Houston radio personality JP Pritchard was in Brenham when he got noticed that his home alarm system had gone off, but it was already too late. When he and his wife got home, the thieves were long gone along with their loot.

JP called us and this week we installed Armor Glass security film throughout his house. It reinforces the weakest link – their glass. That is how they broke in. In fact here is a photo of the window they broke to get in – its one I would not have assumed they would break:

Burglars broke 13 inch wide window
Burglars broke 13 inch wide window

Moral: VIDEO cameras don’t keep the bad guys OUT. ARMOR GLASS DOES. Call for a FREE quote today. JP is endorsing us.

The irony is that is cost a fraction of what he thought it would – and far less than what was lost.

Armor Glass china explosion injuries and deaths by flying glass Tianjin

Massive Explosion in Chinese city blows out Windows – Causing injuries and death

A super massive explosion in the Chinese city of Tianjin showed how even an explosion miles away can blow out window glass, causing injuries and death. Here is a photo posted on Twitter of an apartment littered with glass and blood after the explosion:

Armor Glass security film is Level 2 explosion rated.  It would have deflected the blast wave – or kept the glass intact if the frame collapsed, minimizing injuries.

Hundreds of people were injured and some killed by being struck by flying glass during this explosion. It’s one more benefit of Armor Glass, in addition to providing burglar and storm protection, while reducing solar heat. 

Standby for our Brand NEW Website, coming SOON!

Armor Glass Atlantic ocean hurricane security Soudelor Texas typhoon windows


Taiwan just got hit by a Monster Typhoon (hurricane) that was one of the planet’s largest – 180 mph winds at one point! 

We have to ask the question: when the Atlantic Ocean gets as HOT as the Pacific Ocean is now, are we going to be getting these off the scale CAT 5’s instead of the smaller ones like Hurricane IKE in 2008…?  I think it would be wise to prepare for that event.  If the Pacific is already that hot, eventually it will spread to the Atlantic.

i quote from the above linked article:

At its peak Monday afternoon (mainland U.S. time), Soudelor was estimated by the U.S. military’s Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) to pack maximum one-minute sustained winds of 180 mph and gusts to 220 mph.

                                   Eye of the Devil:   LOOK at that beast at 180 miles per hour!

The Japan Meteorological Agency estimated Soudelor’s central pressure at 8 a.m. EDT Tuesday was 900 millibars, making Soudelor the strongest tropical cyclone on Earth so far in 2015. That central pressure has come up quite a bit, reflecting Soudelor’s weakening, to an estimated 945 millibars.

According to the Digital Typhoon databaseSuper Typhoon Maysak was the year’s previous strongest typhoon, bottoming out at an estimated 910 millibars. South Pacific Cyclone Pam in March reached peak estimated sustained winds of about 165 mph (145 knots) in the South Pacific basin. “


YIKES! At that speed, windborne debris will definitely blow out glass causing structural failure.  Armor Glass has been tracking these and the strange thing is that the Pacific is getting repeated CAT 5 storms – time after time.  Whatever is going on to heat the air, the hotter air is creating bigger and meaner storms.

This would be a GOOD time to read “Houses of Straw“….how these winds destroy. And how to prepare.

Armor Glass break-in burglar burglar bars house house protection windows

Neighbor Watches Burglar Trying to Break in Armor Glass door for 10 Minutes While Talking to Police

One of our customers had someone try to break in his (front) glass door armored with our film. This week. A neighbor saw it unfold and called the police as she watched. We just got these photos from John N who lives in Houston.

The burglar used the homeowners own ADT sign shaft as the break in tool! Normally it would have worked. One good whack and the glass goes flying.

She said he worked on getting in for 8-10 minutes, long enough for the police to come arrest him just as he finally breached it.

Yesterday we did an installation for another homeowner, John D, who lives in far west Houston. Thieves hit his house twice in 2 days, breaking a living room window in the back. He even wants us to put it on the glass on his business.

It pays to Armor your glass. If not for us, the burglars would have broken glass and been in and out in less than 3 minutes…contact us for a FREE quote today.

It’s on homes for retired teachers, astronauts (some of our clients are currently out of this world), engineers, ordinary folk 
everywhere, Rice U, etc. 

It’s on my place. I am not about to live in a ‘house of straw’ these days.
breakins hurricanes skin cancer solar heat tornadoes UV

A Walk in the Park Fries Your Brain — Screen out 99% Deadly UV

Today I took a walk in a park near NASA and was reminded about something not talked about enough – the sun was beating down with an intense solar heat we haven’t seen this year in Houston (which is ODD in itself). 

But it isn’t the solar heat I was concerned about. It was the UV, because it is deadlier. Here is a link to confirm that UV is a major cause of skin cancer.  In fact, is is our No. 1 cause of cancer! Exposure of even 15 minutes can spell trouble. It’s even worse for people who have already had skin cancer issues.
After my first lap, I put on a hat that I had in the car (something I bought in Belize or Mexico on a cruise stop.) 
When I drove home I was in a car with film on the glass that screens out 99% of UV. 
When I got home I have Armor Glass security film on the glass, screening out 99% of the UV that would be coming in and fading the flooring and grandma’s antiques (well, I really don’t have any antiques other than myself). 
                       A truck driver exposed to sun on his left side…
Bottom line: I am cutting my exposure to skin cancer with the same technology protecting me from break-ins, hurricanes, tornadoes and rioting neighbors (if the neighbors ever do riot.)  
This is yet another reason why we have the perfect solution to providing security by ‘armoring the glass’ you have, but also cutting solar heat and deadly UV at the same time. 
What could be better than that? How about a free quote? Contact us at and read the free EBook that explains how to protect ourselves from the houses of straw that we live in. Houses of Straw
Armor Glass fabric Houses of Straw shutters tornadoes Tropical Storm Bill

Tornado Alert NE Quadrant of T.S. BILL

Weather forecasters are saying that the northeast quadrant of Tropical Storm BILL is where most tornadoes are likely to spring up. That includes my house, but I am not worried. 

 Unlike most people i have Armor Glass security film on my windows — designed to take up to a 4.5 lb. Large Missile impact (like a tree limb or a street sign) without blowing out my glass. A breach of you glass is what leads to uplift on the roof and structural failure as depicted in this photo from “Houses of Straw

Unlike those who have to go pull out heavy sheets of plywood and try to nail it up in rain and driving winds, or hang fabric on the outside when these storms threaten, my house is already protected 24/7/365 days a year.

This would be a good time to check out “Houses of Straw” before contacting us for a free quote. Find out how to harden your house of straw so it doesn’t get blown away by howling winds.

Allison Armor Glass Bill Read El Nino Frank Billingsley KPRC Memorial Day floods social media

Warning: El Nino is Here – Why That is a Threat in Hurricane Season

Yesterday, while Armor Glass was exhibiting at a conference on hurricanes in Galveston, I was fortunate to meet Bill Read (the hurricane guy, now retired from NOAA and working for KPRC in Houston as their hurricane expert) and Frank Billingsley, the chief KPRC Weather guy. Both gave excellent presentations.

The key thing I learned from Bill Read was that we are facing an El Nino year, which tends to suppress Atlantic hurricanes (while letting them rip in the Pacific). BUT then he pointed out that 1983 was an El Nino year – the year Houston got smacked by Hurricane Alicia, which formed in the gulf!   

                                      Hurricane Alicia 1983, formed in Gulf during El Nino
Apparently in El Nino years there are fewer “long track” hurricanes (those that cross the Atlantic on their way here) and more storms that actually spring up in the Gulf of Mexico. That means we aren’t out of the woods, and with gulf storms people will have much less time to prepare and evacuate.
Frank Billingsley, KPRC’s chief weather guy, made an interesting point in his talk. He said that Allison, which struck Houston in June 2001.  He said Allison was worse than the recent rains. The difference?
Social Media. In 2001, we got pictures the next day. During the memorial day storm (which was not tropical, which is also a difference), people were broadcasting photos in real time on Facebook, Twitter, etc!
Here is what Wikipedia says about Allison:
“The storm dropped heavy rainfall along its path, peaking at over 40 inches (1,000 mm) in Texas. The worst flooding occurred in Houston, where most of Allison’s damage occurred: 30,000 became homeless after the storm flooded over 70,000 houses and destroyed 2,744 homes. Downtown Houston was inundated with flooding, causing severe damage to hospitals and businesses. Twenty-three people died in Texas. Along its entire path, Allison caused $9 billion (2001 USD) in damage and 41 deaths.”
                                  Tropical Storm Allison Flooding, Houston June 2001
                                 Houston Memorial Day 2015 Flooding – no tropical storm
So, Frank is right. However, the one difference that I think we should also consider is that Allison was a named tropical storm. What we had happened over Memorial Weekend was not a tropical storm, yet it produced damages statewide that may end up being similar in impact.  If that’s the case, we have entered a “whole new world” where we don’t even need a tropical storm or hurricane to end up with the same damages.
Aside from the flooding, these storms produced hurricane-force winds, tornadoes and hail – all of which break glass and lead to internal damages and even structural failure. Stay tuned here for updates.

Bottom line: People are still living in “houses of straw” – our biggest assets that need more protection from Mother Nature.  Do yourself a favor, and read “Houses of Straw” and find out how to protect your largest asset from weather violence (and human intrusion).

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