TORNADO Outbreak

Armor Glass film is not just for hurricane protection or keeping shooters from breaching the glass. It can also protect from vicious TORNADOES.

Tornadoes kill building just like hurricanes. They throw windborne debris though the glass. That instantly UPLIFTS the roof and its goodbye building.  If you “armor the glass” your building has a better chance of surviving those winds then with regular glass–like this high rise in Dallas that had windows stripped out by tornado winds.

This shows what happens when tornado (or hurricane) hits a high rise building. Armor Glass would have kept the glass in place, even if broken!

TEXAS actually has the HIGHEST number of reports of Tornadoes (131) according to this NOAA report.

Our 8 mil film has passed the ASTM 1886/1996 Large Missile Impact test (4.5 lb. Level C).  Compare that to what happens when a two x four hits a regular double-pane glass window in the photo below–it goes through the unprotected window, but stops at the window with Armor Glass film bonded to the frame!

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Record Tornadoes And Hurricane Season Starts with a Possible Storm

After 12 days of a record TORNADO outbreak wrecking buildings across the U.S., we now enter HURRICANE Season (combined with Tornadoes).  Tornadoes wreck buildings by throwing debris through windows, just like a hurricane.
Tomorrow June 1 Begins HURRICANE Season. It is 6 months of threat every year, year after year.
And right on cue we have a tropical depression in the Southern Gulf of Mexico. Unlike Atlantic storms these babies always go into either Mexico or Texas, depending on where they fire up.
The Gulf waters are HOT. They are 85 in Galveston. Any water temps over 80 degrees are jet fuel to these storms. That is what they feed on…the hotter the water the bigger the storm.
GET prepared! Aside from batteries, extra food, generators make sure to armor the weakest link of your house or building — its GLASS. Once it breaks due to wind-borne debris it is immediate UPLIFT ON THE ROOF. Not to mention the internal damages from wind and rain, mold – months of reconstruction due to a darn window break.  Forget all that with Armor Glass!
A 2004 study of the hurricanes that hit Florida found that WINDOW PROTECTION was key to surviving a big wind event. It didn’t matter if it was the expensive shutters, heavy plywood or the least costly option — Armor Glass security film — it all worked!
Armor Glass advantages is that it works 24/7 providing security while cutting solar heat and dangerous UV at the same time, and costs less than impact glass and shutters (substantially less). And it is also providing burglar break-in protection since they love how easy it is to get through ordinary window glass — in less than 1 second!
But do it NOW because its too late to call when the storm has a name. Protect your biggest asset. Armor Glass has been providing this protection for over a decade. Contact us today.

Tornadoes Ripping Texas Oklahoma ….How they destroy buildings

TORNADOES are ripping across North Texas and Oklahoma as I write.  Over 85 of the have been reported since Friday. The threat runs from San Angelo to north of Oklahoma City.
Tornadoes destroy like hurricanes — they throw debris through the windows, causing instant UPLIFT on the roof which blows roof off and walls out. That is how it blows your house/building apart! HAIL will break windows and allow damaging wind and rain inside. You can do something to protect yourself.
Armor Glass security film “armors your glass” so that impacts won’t easily breach the windows and glass doors. It will keep hail from breaching your glass and damaging the interior. It’s been tested to Miami Dade standards and has passed the Large Missile impact test (4.5 lb. Level C–like a brick smashing into it).
Every year these threats will continue. We live in “Houses of Straw” and need to armor the weakest link, the windows, or watch them blow away in the wind, with people still inside.

Possible first Tropical Storm and Its Not Even Hurricane Season yet

Hurricane season does not start until June 1 –and storms don’t normally start rolling until August or September — but we already have the seasons first tropical storm forming!
This could mean an early start to the season. Get prepared now!
Hurricanes destroy buildings by throwing wind-borne debris through the weakest link — the glass –which causes internal damage and uplift on the roof. That is what leads to structural failure.

Hurricanes are Wiping Out Crops on Other Side of Planet – We next?

Meanwhile, on the OTHER SIDE of the planet, Hurricane FANI wiped out 1/3 of India’s crops.  On earth each hemisphere alternatives seasons. What they are experiencing now could be our future, and vice versa.
Will this soon be our fate as our hurricane season begins in 2 weeks?  The ocean temperatures are soaring. The hotter air is making these storms Super-charged.
Houston has had 3 five hundred year events in 3 consecutive years. Harvey was a 1,000 year event. Yet two days ago a 1 day rain flooded the city from Sugar land to Kingwood with massive rains. 
Take NOTHING for granted in this new era. The TWO threats are (1) Flood and (2) Wind damage from hurricane-force winds destroying windows that leads to roof loss, internal damages, structural failure.
Being Prepared Means this:
Armor Your Weakest Link.
Stay elevated.
Hunker down.

Storm and School Shooter security MUST address the Weakest Link

Today I sent this letter to the Texas legislature, asking them to grant a homeowner discount from their insurance company when they “armor their glass” to give it burglar and hurricane-force wind protection. It’s prevented break-ins and glass injuries. Please share with your Senator or Representative:

16 April 2019

Re: Storm and School Shooter security MUST address the Weakest Link of Every Building.

“Armor Glass” Window Protection Saves Lives and Property

Requesting Insurance discount for building owners

Dear Representative:

I wrote you in January about School security and how we are protecting schools glass entrances to keep shooters from entering. I encouraged you to help them fund these projects. We’d been told by schools they are getting quotes for ballistic glass up to $500 square foot! Our film was put on the Pentagon and DC buildings after 911 and costs under $25 a square foot.

Please keep in mind that hurricane-force winds (including tornadoes) destroys buildings by breaking the glass which is the weakest link of every building. It is wind-borne debris breaking windows that leads to roof uplift and structural collapse and interior damage. The good news is that there is a cost-effective solution that does not involve plywood or expensive shutters.

My request is for your support to require insurance companies to provide a discount (some already do) for building owners who secure their weakest link – their glass—from breach by burglars and weather events, by using a security film like ours. Our product has already saved insurance companies millions of dollars in avoided losses. It is the same film that was put on the Pentagon and DC federal buildings after 911.

To learn more, please visit our website and in the “about” section there is a link to my free book “Houses of Straw” that explains how storms tear apart buildings and how to harden the envelop to avoid that loss. It’s also available at this link:

Thank you for your consideration.k Please feel free to share this with your colleagues.


Michael Fjetland, BBA/JD


Armor Glass Int’l Inc.



Don’t Fall for the Con – Nothing less than 8 mil is “Security” Film!

STUNNED was my reaction today when I went to do a security quote for a major hospital in Houston that wanted to secure the glass in a sensitive area (so sensitive I can’t describe it without giving it away).

The hospital didn’t want someone being able to break the glass wall and enter the area. If you shoot or hit any bare glass wall with a brick, or kick it, its in a million pieces on the floor and the person can step through an empty frame in two seconds. Armor Glass is designed to stop that.

It turned out that two of us representatives for companies that “armor glass” with security film turned up at the same time. Normally it would have been just me and I wouldn’t have seen the stunt he pulled with the potential client.

So we both went with the hospital facilities person to see the area they wanted to secure.

The first thing the competitor did was pull out some film and says “We have this 4 mil…” a pause, oh yes (while looking at me).. we also have an 8 mil.” I should have stopped it right then and said “Why are you even offering an unqualified 4 Mil product for this project?!”

I turned to the facilities rep and said the truth: “Nothing less than 8 mil is certified for Large Missile Impact, which is what you just said you wanted for this area.”

I was so mad that the competitor guy was offering the unqualified cheap stuff that didn’t meet the spec as the first thing he put on the table. That is unprofessional. It is dangerous to the public who expect to get what they ask for–security film means 8 mil or thicker film, not less.

With film, its hard to tell the thickness just by looking at it–or what’s certified or not. So these guys play the con game “sell a cheap knockoff, tell them “its just as good” — then take the money and run.”

Armor Glass doesn’t play games with peoples lives like that.

Armor Glass never offers anything less than 8 mil which is the thinnest film that is certified for “Large Missile Impact” (4.5 lb. Level C) which is what you need to avoid catastrophic failure of a window during a burglary or a hurricane. A 4 mil is not rated for that. A 6 mil is not rated for that. So why offer it?

Think of it this way. You go in to buy tires. A sales guy says “I got these great 2 ply tires and they are cheap!” A 2 ply tire is cheaper than a 4 ply, right? A 2 ply tire is ok for a trailer or the farm tractor but its not certified to put a 3,000 lb car that could take on another 1,000 lbs of passengers and baggage, drive 70 miles per hour, hitting potholes, etc. without a high risk of catastrophic failure from a blow out. Right? How do you think that story will end? A wreck at the minimum….That is what offering 4 mil is like, selling the cheap thing that will fail.

Armor Glass is like putting on 8 ply tires so that don’t blow, even when they hit a hole. Our competition is pushing “2 ply” tires and won’t pay the price for the failure. The buyer will.

This incident shows why no one should buy Security Film to “armor their glass” from anyone other than Armor Glass is for this exact incident – it happens every day all the time by those who aren’t being security professionals. I wasn’t surprised when it happened, but it did hack me off. Later I told the hospital rep that this is a common shell game companies play with peoples’ lives.

Don’t fall for the con. Yes, 2 ply tires are cheaper than 4 ply to put on a car. But when they blow out at 70 miles per hour and the wreck kills you or leaves you in a wheelchair, how was that a smart investment? Same with window film. You won’t know if its good or not until the glass is hit by flying debris, or a brick.

Armor Glass 8 mil Certified film is still the best bargain for value, so why not get the best product to be safe? The same film was put on the Pentagon and all federal buildings after 911. We have put it on schools, dorms, houses, storefronts and prevented countless break-ins, including on a woman home alone.

TRUST is what it is all about. We can’t vouch for anyone else. But I founded Armor Glass as a former Terrorism Analyst that wanted to provide the best product at a fair price. You can TRUST Armor Glass to sell and install only certified Large Missile Impact rate Security Film (8 Mil or more), not cheap knock offs as the unprofessional companies will do.


From TV Terrorism Analyst to Armor Glass – Our History

How did Armor Glass start?

I am Michael Fjetland (pronounced “Fetland’), CEO of Armor Glass Int’l Inc. I was an international attorney who became a 911 terrorism analyst on TV, after predicting it (on TV) a decade before during the 1991 Gulf War (the video is on Youtube.)

                                                                              Above photo: 1991 Screen shot from Fox 26 Houston TX

The terrorism expertise came after I was laid off, oddly enough. I’ve been to Syria, Egypt, China, Europe, South America, etc. and dealt with the many different languages, treaties and legal systems. Then I was laid off and became an entrepreneur that changed my life even more than when I left the farm and became a global negotiator.

While going on TV to give terrorism updates, I discovered a technology that would protect people a lot more than me talking about it. It is a special security film — the same film that was put on the glass of the Pentagon and federal buildings in DC after 911. It’s simple, cost effective and a brilliant solution to a 5,000 year old problem –broken glass.

For DC, security film provides explosion protection–a blast wave will send glass fragments like a grenade. It riddles anyone near the glass.

But from a study I found, glass protection is also vital to keep a house or building from being destroyed or damaged in a hurricane when wind-borne debris breaks a window. That break allows hurricane-force winds inside, pushing up the roof as the winds try to get out. That leads to structural failure. Game over.

So I started a security business called Armor Glass, and trademarked it, to put this special hurricane-blast-tested film on buildings for hurricane protection. Then we discovered that it was keeping burglars from breaking into clients’ homes. Then Sandy Hook happened and it is now being installed on schools for shooter protection.

Armor Glass film is applied to school windows to keep shooters from getting through (the bullets go through but the shooter doesn’t). It has stopped burglars from getting into storefronts and homes, including a woman home alone. It provides 24/7 hurricane protection and cuts solar heat and harmful UV enough to pay for itself in energy savings.

Aside from being CEO of Armor Glass, I still write on global security and policy issues such as how tariffs kill jobs (I was an international attorney for the Fortune 500 who had to figure out how to get around tariffs, so I have direct experience as I traveled to 40-50 countries in my career to sell American products that create jobs here).

But Armor Glass is my focus, providing security. Every piece of glass on the planet needs Armor Glass film on it.

                                                                                                   Link to “Houses of Straw”

Glass is your weakest link and its failure leads to destruction of your biggest asset. Burglars love it. Big winds wreck it. Little kids can break it easily, as one did who ran into a glass wall right after we put Armor Glass film on it–no blood, screams, ruined event or rain pouring in. The toddler can’t touch the broken glass which is still on the outside.

That’s my story. “Armor your glass” with Armor Glass to provide the security everyone needs. Ask for a quote – it won’t cost anything to find out that protection is affordable and you’ll never want to leave the home or office without it.

More info and videos:


People Reached



Armor Glass®- One of the Few Selected in USA as “Certified Security Film Installers”

 For Immediate Release

 Armor Glass®  ( which sells and installs Security Window Film that “armors your glass” from burglar break-ins, hurricanes, tornadoes, shooters and solar heat has been named as one of just 40 companies nationwide to be a “Certified Window Film Installer” by Saint Gobain, one of the largest construction materials companies in the world.

Our USA-made security film was installed on all federal buildings in Washington DC after 911. For them, it provides Level 2 explosion protection. For our clients, it has prevented break-ins and hurricane damage to windows, the weakest link of every building. At the same time it cuts solar heat and harmful UV rays.

“When I started Armor Glass®  over a decade ago, we set out to specialize in selling security film that is the best product on the market,” says CEO Michael Fjetland. “This certification confirms that we are one of the few companies in the USA that meets the manufacturer’s highest standards for installing this life-saving product in homes and offices.”

Armor Glass®  clients range from retired teachers to NASA’s Mission Control, Rice University, astronauts, Wal Mart, schools, etc. Check out our website today and ask for a free quote.



Increased Shootings and Bomb Threats Make Armor Glass a MUST

This has been a horrible week of bombs being sent in the mail and an increased number of shootings.  It is a sad reminder that Armor Glass security film a MUST-have protection of every buildings’ weakest link – its glass.

Don’t let happen to you. get Armor Glass security film today.

Glass provides ZERO security. Armor Glass films are Level 2 explosion rated as well as Large Missile Impact-rated (Level C).

A shooter can blow out a glass door or wall in 2 seconds – Armor Glass would provide an affordable, reinforced barrier to keep the shooter contained to allow those inside to react, call police and lock down. It would keep the shooter at the entrance, shooting holes in the film — buying valuable time so that the police can engage them at the glass wall instead of somewhere inside a building where a shooter can roam at will and shoot — and hide anywhere.

For more information, visit our website and check out the videos showing it in action. And read the free ebook “Houses of Straw” that describes in detail how the technology protects building windows from blow-outs in hurricanes and human intrusion.

Armor Glass films save energy and has saved people from injury and death from broken and flying glass. It helps prevent property damage from a breach of every buildings’ weakest link — its glass — that puts people in extreme jeopardy from TV stations, to schools, to offices and homes. Don’t leave home without it.