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SuperStorm Sandy – How Hurricanes Blow You Away

I watched the NOVA special on “SuperStorm Sandy.”  One man described perfectly what happens in a hurricane. He said he was in his house when “suddenly my sliding glass doors all blew in, then the roof came off and the walls collapsed.”

He ended up swimming to a car where he survived the remainder of the storm.  His story confirms the findings of “Project Safe Windows” the study of the four hurricanes that hit Florida in 2004.

Once the glass blows in, wind pressure forces UPLIFT on the roof, blowing it off. Then the walls have no support and collapse. One engineer told me that the uplift from a hole in the window could be over 50,000 lbs.!

Check out the NOVA special at the above link.  It also describes how the WARMER WATER – the Atlantic was 5 degrees above normal – adds more fuel to these storms, making them BIGGER.

It means that we MUST HARDEN our structures to withstand these superstorms. That’s what Armor Glass does – it armors your weakest link, your windows….