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Suicide Bomber in U.S. Embassy TURKEY – Armor Glass protection

A suicide bomber just blew himself up in a screening room for the U.S. Embassy in Turkey.  A Turkish woman reporter waiting to meet our Ambassador was injured.  A Turkish guard was killed, along with the bomber.

Armor Glass Security film can’t  help once the bomber is in the same room with you – unless it is on the glass between you and the explosion, because it IS Level 2 BLAST – RATED. That’s more than the normal GSA 3a/3b requirement.

Monday we begin armoring the glass of a vital federal agency that would be disabled if a bomber were to explode a bomb outside its building. That would send glass spraying like a grenade through the building, killing and injuring instantly. But not if our special Armor Glass film was anchored to the frames.

A lady came up to me at a trade show this week and said that on the Michael Berry radio show a lady was describing how she was sitting at home at 8 p.m. last Friday when men threw something through her front glass window. Before she could act, they attacked her. It could have ended worse than it did.

If Armor Glass had been on her glass, they would have made a hell of a sound as the flying brick hit the glass – but would NOT have broken through the glass. Our Security Film is certified for a Large Missile Impact or even an explosion.  It is rated to resist a “Large” 4.5 lb Missile (like a brick).

Armor GLass SECURITY film would have slowe their entry and given her TIME she needed. She would have more time to call 911, grab a gun, all of the above – instead of being instantly attacked.

Armor Glass would have given the teachers and students in Newtown’s Sandy Hook VALUABLE TIME since it would have delayed the shooter from breaching its glass walls. It only takes a second to blow out unprotected glass with a bullet. The film would allow the bullet hole but the shooter would have to shoot enough to create room for an entire person to enter the glass wall. That is time the occupants would have to leave or shelter in place and time for police to arrive and engage the shooter – time the students at Sandy Hook never had. A tempered glass wall would blow out with the first shot without Armor Glass Security Film applied with an approved Structural Sealant frame bonding securing it to the frames, providing a defense not possible with bare glass.

AND to add to that unique aspect, it is a “Carbon NEGATIVE” product (it SAVES more energy than it takes to make it). It saves ENERGY — enough energy to pay for itself — WHILE CUTTING UV 99%.  What could be better than than something that both saves energy and protects people – and costs less than the alternatives?

Why be unprotected as storms get bigger, and the break-ins bolder? Why not Armor your WEAKEST LINK?  Glass is the weakest link of every building….

Act before it happens to you. You never know – the world is full of bombers, hurricanes, burglars and more intense storms as the air becomes warmer….