Armor Glass®security films “armors the glass” to keep flying debris from breaching your windows and opening up your building to further damage from windborne debris and water during a storm like a hurricane or even a tornado. Our 8 Mil thick film is rated for explosions, hurricane-force winds and large impacts such as a burglar with a rock or a brick (Details on our spec page) and it costs a fraction of the alternatives like impact glass or shutters.

Your Home, Office & Business Protected Against Hurricane-force Winds

In a hurricane, the wind alone isn’t what destroys a home or building –it’s the flying debris that strikes the glass causing glass failure and a breach of the building seal. That leads to internal damages from water as well as roof uplift as the winds seek a way out. The winds will also push the walls out, leading to structural failure.

However, studies show that houses and buildings that have glass protection on their Storm Window Protectionwindows like Armor Glass® security film survived hurricane force winds without internal damages –even if a window or glass door was breached by flying debris. The seal is maintained. Lose that seal and you’ll lose your building.

“Armor Your Glass” to save your largest asset from internal damages or destruction by a breach of its weakest link—the glass.

Armor Glass® Security films are Superior to Solar Film

Armor Glass®security films are 8 mil thick and rated for impact. Solar films are 2 mil thick and not rated. Armor Glass®security films will cut solar heat as much as solar film, but in addition, you are “armoring” the weakest link from breach by storms, burglars and even shooters.