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Storm Consultant Warns of Complacency

Bill Read, who was the director of the National Hurricane Center, has warned that people are getting “complacent” about the potential for another Hurricane hit….

Two things are at work: The first culprit is memory. After about 5 years peoples’ memories begin to fade about the threat.

The second culprit is a simple FACT. About 200,000 new people move to Houston every year. That means that since IKE hit in 2008 we have 1,000,000 NEW people in Houston who have NO IDEA what IKE was like.

For a refresher, here is a link to a Google photo page showing the windows missing across Houston after IKE hit. Remember, for each missing window, rain was able to enter causing major reconstruction over months – all avoidable with Armor Glass security film. Here is the IKE photo link.

I guarantee that every one of the new people to Houston have houses which lack window protection – not just from hurricanes, but burglar break-ins as well. Not to mention solar heat! They–and anyone else with plain glass– really need to “Armor their Glass” before a break-in takes away their wife’s jewelry, or another storm enters the Gulf of Mexico…