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Storm and School Shooter security MUST address the Weakest Link

Today I sent this letter to the Texas legislature, asking them to grant a homeowner discount from their insurance company when they “armor their glass” to give it burglar and hurricane-force wind protection. It’s prevented break-ins and glass injuries. Please share with your Senator or Representative:

16 April 2019

Re: Storm and School Shooter security MUST address the Weakest Link of Every Building.

“Armor Glass” Window Protection Saves Lives and Property

Requesting Insurance discount for building owners

Dear Representative:

I wrote you in January about School security and how we are protecting schools glass entrances to keep shooters from entering. I encouraged you to help them fund these projects. We’d been told by schools they are getting quotes for ballistic glass up to $500 square foot! Our film was put on the Pentagon and DC buildings after 911 and costs under $25 a square foot.

Please keep in mind that hurricane-force winds (including tornadoes) destroys buildings by breaking the glass which is the weakest link of every building. It is wind-borne debris breaking windows that leads to roof uplift and structural collapse and interior damage. The good news is that there is a cost-effective solution that does not involve plywood or expensive shutters.

My request is for your support to require insurance companies to provide a discount (some already do) for building owners who secure their weakest link – their glass—from breach by burglars and weather events, by using a security film like ours. Our product has already saved insurance companies millions of dollars in avoided losses. It is the same film that was put on the Pentagon and DC federal buildings after 911.

To learn more, please visit our website and in the “about” section there is a link to my free book “Houses of Straw” that explains how storms tear apart buildings and how to harden the envelop to avoid that loss. It’s also available at this link:

Thank you for your consideration.k Please feel free to share this with your colleagues.


Michael Fjetland, BBA/JD


Armor Glass Int’l Inc.