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Solar Charger –Charge Your Phone From the Sun After a Storm

Armor Glass had several reps at the Hurricane show at the George R Brown convention center Saturday.

An exhibitor in a booth near us was selling this solar charger (left). I tried it today and it charged up my Blackberry in no time, just from the sun! I didn’t even have to put it near a window.

I highly recommend people get one of these as a way of charging your phone, iPad, even laptop when the next storm knocks our electricity. Put it in your hurricane emergency kit.
A company called Amzer in Sugar Land is selling them for about $70. Check it out at: or I was using my car to charge up the phone after IKE but this is much better and requires no gas!
My car was reading 97 degrees today!
Armor Glass Security tint beats the heat and lets you throw away the plywood at the same time!