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SHOOTING AT Houston TV station – How to Protect Your Workplace from This Threat.

The shooting at Channel 13’s station by a woman–the second shooting there in a month– is another example of why people need our Armor Glass protection on their offices as well as their homes.
For homes, we have been applying it for hurricanes and burglars–it just kept a burglar from being home alone with my CPA’s wife.

Without Armor Glass, the next shooter at a TV station or an office or a school could easily blow out the glass and go inside in seconds – there is nothing to stop them.

Armor Glass is that invisible, life-protecting barrier.

Newtown has changed life in America. It was a wake up call that it doesn’t take much to break through glass with a gun so that a shooter can be on top of people before they can even react. The glass blows out with a shot or two and then the shooter is in the building.

The occupants at Sandy Hook had no chance –but if Armor Glass security film had been on the doors–with a lock–many if not all of those kids could have been saved. Armor Glass security films are bonded to the frames with a special sealant and would have delayed entry. The shooter has to shoot of silhouette of himself to get inside – that takes ammo and time, time needed for police to arrive, time for those inside to go to a safe room and lock-down. Buying even a few seconds of time could mean life versus death in the next episode of gun rage.

Last week we installed our Large Missile impact rated film in a church school in the DFW area. They kept increasing the scope of work to include more windows – one man pointed to a window and said “my daughter has a class inside that room and if I have to pay for it myself I want your Armor Glass film on that window.” So we did. The cost is still a fraction of the alternatives–steel shutters or impact glass.

We get calls from schools nationwide all the time –everyone is worried about it.

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