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Severe Weather – $110 Billion in Losses in 2012

According to this report from NCDC report by Homeland  Security News Wire,

“The U.S. Climate Data Center (NCDC), a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has just issued a report saying that 2012 saw eleven weather and climate disaster events in the United States — each with losses exceeding $1 billion in damages. With a total of more than $110 billion in damages throughout the year, 2012 is the second costliest year since 1980, which incurred $160 billion in damages due in part to four devastating land-falling hurricanes.”

Some of these damages could have been avoided had the buildings been “hardened” – especially the weakest link — the windows.  For example, Hurricane IKE caused over $5 million in damages to just one building – Chase Tower – when windows on one side were “sucked out” by the vacuum created by winds swirling around it.

Already we have seen severe tornadoes in the north and hurricanes developing before hurricane season officially starts.  Making your windows “impact resistant” would reduce the damages and injuries in future storms.

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