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Schools Beware of Cheap Substitutes…

Armor Glass just finished installing our security film on a small rural school. Why?

Because even they are worried about a shooter blowing out the glass and entering their school to kill. Frankly, the town was so small I had not heard of it until they contacted us and I used to live within 50 miles of it.

Aside from shooters, our film will protect them from tornadoes throwing debris through the glass as much as a shooter. They have “armored the glass” the weakest link of every building.

We aren’t advertising the names of the schools we have installed film on but we did learn something from our work this summer.

On one school we were asked to put another company’s film on the school. It was supposed to be “equivalent” to Armor Glass film. We discovered that it wasn’t even close.

When asked to change out one of the films they had put on windows, our installers discovered that their film tore literally in half when pulled off, whereas our film comes off in one piece!

The installers were also surprised how easy the other film came off despite being on the glass for a couple days. This doesn’t happen with our film – it takes huge effort to pull it off because the adhesive is so good.

Our warning to school districts is this – don’t go for the lowest price because other contractors are selling junk film that won’t stand up well if and when they sustain a shooter attack. They are cheaper because the product is cheap. Unless they are selling the identical film that Armor Glass sells, you can bet its inferior product.

They won’t even know its crap film until disaster hits. Don’t take chances.