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School Shooters – Glass is the weakest link

We have been getting calls from schools around the country so here is some information about what our technology would do for schools –in more ways than one.

When a shooter approaches a school, locked doors do little good when the entrances are all glass with no protection. Here are a couple of photos of Sandy Hook showing where the shooter entered the building – it was next to the entrance. Why? Because it was easier to walk through.


How do schools protect from shooters (not to mention tornadoes and hurricanes)?
The only practical way is to “armor the glass” to delay a shooters ability to breach the glass – giving time for police to arrive and students to take shelter in a locked room.

Armor Glass security film is anchored to the frame with a special structural sealant that holds it in place even after being struck repeatedly.

If schools used it on all their glass they would also be saving energy and cutting operating costs – enough to pay for the film over time!  They would also be protected during storms throwing wind-borne debris into the glass, such as hurricanes and tornadoes or hail.

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