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Remembering Hurricane Celia: Aug. 3, 1970

Remembering Hurricane Celia: Aug. 3, 1970

Wow, it has been 41 years. I was 9 and remember it well. Our house was destroyed with me, and my family in it. I remember the windows blowing out, then the ceiling coming down on me and my sister. My Dad held a mattress over my Mom, and us kids trying to keep us safe. Then the eye hit. We went outside, and went to the house next door for the 2nd half of the storm. I now think that a tornado from the storm hit our house. I remember how loud and scary it was. We had God looking out for us our we would have not made it out alive.

No power for 3 weeks. Gas pumps were ran with a gas edger you use on your lawn. The heat, mosquito’s, and insulation was always in your skin and no ice. It was tuff, but everyone helped out each other. No one cried for the Government to help me. We all worked hard and rebuilt this city.

Corpus Christi, Texas

(Now an Armor Glass Sales Rep)