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Rare Tornado Hits NYC – Armor Glass is there

It is highly unusual for a tornado to hit New York City, but two of them did just that on Saturday. Yep, the weather is getting more freaky by the day. Details at the link.

Luckily Armor Glass security film was installed on a new Chase bank building in Oakdale NY (Long Island) a couple years ago, protecting the occupants from a window breach caused by the windborne debris hurled by tornado winds.

The same film is protecting home and offices across the U.S. – from hurricanes, tornadoes, burglar break ins, and solar heat.

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I spent Saturday at a golf course north of Houston, watching golfers on a Tee Box next to a row of houses. Several balls veered to the left, hitting a couple roofs but luckily not taking out any windows. A few trees strategically located took the hits instead.   One of our clients who lives on a golf course has had three golf ball strikes since we installed our security film. She has been thrilled that these events did not result in glass flying all over her house – and that the window stays sealed until the pane can be replaced. Then she has us put on replacement film and she is “good to go” again…

But I must admit that by the time the golf event was over my legs felt like I had been burned by hot coals – after standing nearly 6 hours. But at least, this time, no windows were broken!