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Protection from Triple Digit Heat – Storms and UV

This triple digit heat is deadly. We have broken the record set in Texas in 1980.

While people are complaining about the economy our “Green” business is booming. Why?
Because it fits today’s need for solar heat relief and security. We can cut 50% to 79% of solar heat, making your space cooler and more comfortable. We can cut 99% of UV that fades your furnishings and causes skin cancer, our No. 1 cancer.

At the same time it will prevent a burglar from breaking in or a storm breaking a window and causes structural failure and internal damages.

If you are trying to sell buggy whips in the 21st century it won’t work. It’s time to move into 21st century technology/business. Unless businesses and consumers cut costs with energy efficiency, they are throwing money down the drain.

With our security films they not only save money they get security that other technologies don’t provide, and at a fraction of the cost.

Our technology actually pays for itself in as little as 3 years or less. We could create millions of green jobs if Congress renewed the energy efficiency tax credits…and save millions of barrels of oil in the process.

Tell your Congressman you want tax credits renewed for making your home or office more energy efficient. It’s a win-win for both individuals and our country.