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Protecting TV Studios and People on the Street Below from Celebrities

Chris Brown gave a very good demonstration why studios like Good Morning America (etc) — and the public walking on the streets below– need Armor Glass security film.

When Chris Brown became enraged by an interview at GMA and “blew off steam” by breaking his dressing room window, the broken glass shards fell on 43rd and Broadway, which would have injured (or worse) a passersby who was walking under the falling glass. in the wrong place at the wrong time. Broken windows produce nasty shards that, if falling, can embed in someone’s head, neck, arms or eyes. It could have also cut Mr. Brown’s artery and killed him.
Had our Armor Glass safety film with attachment been installed, the glass would have been contained in the film. It would have even kept the Chris Brown’s and Charlie Sheens from hurting others or themselves since the 8 mil thick film is on the INSIDE – think of it as a shield between the room occupants and the broken glass…
We have put Armor Glass security film on both residential and commercial locations, from astronauts and retired teachers to medium size and Fortune 500 companies needing to “armor their glass” from burglars, hurricanes and bomb blasts.
It can also avoid expensive lawsuits when celebrities blow off steam by breaking windows with chairs, exposing studio and celebrity alike to legal liability for injuries caused by broken glass.
Both Clear and Tint cut 99% of UV and cut energy use. How? By cutting the solar heat intruding into a building. That means less heat that has to be air conditioned, saving energy costs.
How does it work? A 2 minute video on our website showing how it works, from a “large missile” 2.x4 hitting, but not penetrating it, to a 500 lb. explosion sixty yards (180 feet) away.
Then contact us for a free quote, no obligation. I’m expecting a call from GMA (or Chris Brown) any minute. Sure! LOL.