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Photos of Moore OK EF5 Tornado Damage – Armor Glass survey

After delivering supplies and volunteering at Moore OK, I did a photo survey for my technology book I am writing on how to harden our buildings for the 21st century security threats we face from Mother Nature and humans with bad intentions.

Remember the story of the “Three Little Pigs”??  One built a house of straw and was eaten by the wolf. The second one built a house of sticks, and was eaten by the wolf. The third little piggie was smart and built a house of brick– and the wolf went hungry.
We cannot continue to live in tornado and hurricane zones in houses of sticks and unreinforced  glass. Glass is the weakest link in security of every buildings. It is glass breach from wind-borne debris that lets in the internal forces that uplifts roofs and causes collapse of the structure and injuries from flying glass shrapnel.

 Check out the videos on the website to see how fragile glass is. Imagine driving a $100,000 car on 1 ply tires at 70 miles per hour. That’s  what we are doing with $100,000 houses with cheap glass that, once broken, is letting in water damage and destructive forces threatening the entire investment.

More security. See the video showing how easy it is for burglars to break through with the tiniest of force.  Without charge we do a survey of your building’s glass so we know what it would take to armor it with our security film that will cut solar heat up to 79%, saving energy so that it pays for itself over time. What else does that?
One last thing. In 2013 there is a 30% of the cost of materials up to $500 tax credit for homeowners for our Solar Security version of Armor Glass security films. We have installed it on Rice University, UH, astronauts houses, retired teachers, etc. We have put it on windows in pre-mature baby hospital wards (Lansing, Michigan) which were exposed to bare glass and gravel threats during tornadoes.
We put it on a Chase Bank on Long Island in 2009 just before three hundred year storms in the last four years.
We have put it on schools for shooter protection – to delay entry of a shooter, buying valuable time that bare glass does not. Bare glass is blown out after one shot. Then the person is stepping through the empty frames and is inside. The school has no time, like at Sandy Hook.

Our security film buys more than seconds. It could buy enough time for police to arrive — and kids to be moved to safe rooms. No film will stop a bullet (don’t believe it), but it does buy time. A person can’t get through a single bullet hole. He has to make enough holes to get himself through the film physically. That is using up ammo and time.

I just returned from visiting several schools who want our protective product. We are getting calls from schools from around the country, all concerned that if someone could kill little kids in Sandy Hook, then it could happen any where. And everyone has bare glass walls everywhere in schools.

Storms are a given – yet we do not build to prevent their damage repeatedly, storm after storm? That is silly if not foolish.
Solutions are available. Armor Glass is the best one for armoring your weakest link. Let us show you that will make your life more secure while reducing your electric demands and solar heat dramatically–which saves you money.  One of our part time Reps has worked for NASA for decades. He did a study on his own house during the past year and found it had dropped several thousand BTU’s after our security film was installed in his house.
We are hoping to release our Armor Glass book in a couple months which will include his analysis and an explanation how it works. It will also include the strange, ancient history of glass – something we have not changed in nearly 5,000 years of using it. Think it might be time for an upgrade? LOL.
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