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Photos of Damages from an EF5 Tornado…Moore OK

 I delivered supplies to a disaster center in Moore, Oklahoma today – then volunteered to help clean up. Then I had some time and did a photo survey of the damage – to help determine what happened to these buildings.

By the way, they didn’t need any WATER. They were happy to get the gatorade, fix a flat, gas cans and cooler. At this point, please don’t send stuff – they had it stacked up EVERYWHERE. Here is the story link:

The destructive power of this EF5 was probably beyond any current technology to protect – notice that there are holes even in solid concrete walls! Thankfully, the actual number of EF5 tornadoes in our history is small.

“More” Photos from Moore OK coming. It is part of our continuing Armor Glass study of causes of building destruction – and technologies to harden our structures to avoid it. Subscribe to stay tuned to developments and new photos from MOORE…