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Pharmacy Break ins

We did an emergency installation at a pharmacy on Monday – last week a guy broke through a glass door and spent 8 minutes inside stealing narcotics.  We had put our film on their glass – but the guy got in via a back door that wasn’t “armored” with our film.

They said that our film held but that the inner frame of the door failed – so they are ordering a better door and have asked us to put our security film on that door ASAP.

Meanwhile I keep hearing that one of our competitors keeps telling people that they don’t need frame bonding after applying the film to TEMPERED glass. Tempered glass is like your care windows – it breaks into small pieces and WILL detach from the frame UNLESS bonded to the frame with Dow 995 structural sealant. 

If that happens to you, then if someone hits it, this is what you will find – your glass laying on the floor because it wasn’t bonded to the frame! Don’t settle for unprofessional work like this! Call Armor Glass and get it done right….