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Pacific Ocean is knocking out world records on wind speeds – our Day is Coming

S. Padre Island – No signs of ISIS, Ebola or Rick Perry.

This is my Dash cam video going over the bridge to South Padre Island (SPI) today – about 1 minute.
You can see the line of buildings as the bridge CURVES. Yep, i would not be fool enough to try to video that while driving. It looked like an awful LONG way to swim if I dunked the van in the drink. This is the bridge that collapsed some years ago, i think it was hit by a barge. This is  the stronger replacement.

I have not seen this SPI area in some years. It is beautiful! Families were hanging out. All very relaxed.

And vulnerable if a storm hits…Towering buildings line the beach as far as I can see.

I’m here for work but tonight is Free Time–so my first stop was checking out the beach! There is something about the waves and sound of the ocean that connects to being a human, and is so relaxing. Sleeping next to it, if you can, is heaven. No sleeping pill can touch it.

When I stand and look out into the Gulf I think, “It’s the gateway to the seven seas and the world.”

Its dark now and I have yet another book to write!  Time for a fiction one. Sizzling global romance piece of rubbish everyone will love because its absolute rubbish! lol. No movie entitled “Deep Thought” ever generated a blockbuster.

I am on the run with constant travel the next few weeks. Got people to protect!

The Pacific Ocean is knocking out world records on wind speeds (CAT 4 and CAT 5 hitting India, Japan, China etc. –winds over 200 miles per hour and historic speeds. Meanwhile, everyone here is asleep and are dreaming of TV farce instead of “Ike Dikes” — and probably won’t wake up until it’s our turn to feel nature’s wrath. Next time it will be with globally warmed super storm strength when the Atlantic waters are as hot as the Pacific’s is this year.

Houses of Straw, yep. We got em everywhere! But some are seeing the light. And that is keeping me on the run. Cue the Bruce Springsteen “Running down the highway” beat…lol.