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Over 6 tornadoes Hit Houston area –

According to news reports, Texas had a series of tornadoes from Lake Jackson to Alvin to Friendswood and La Porte.


Tornadoes are like condensed hurricanes. They throw debris through the weakest link of a building–its glass. Once the winds get inside they cause an uplift that blows the roof off and walls out. It happens in seconds.

If you look at this video of tornado damage in La Porte you will notice that each house has BROKEN WINDOWS! THAT is why they lost the roof!

Fortunately, we have a number of clients in those areas that were hit who had Armor Glass security film already installed on their homes or businesses. It goes over the existing glass to “armor” it from breach by impact from wind-borne debris or human intrusion.

Moral: Don’t wait for the storm to get protection, because then it is too late!

Find out how it works in “Houses of Straw” –because that is what most people are living in until they armor the weakest link, their windows!