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Over 2 Million Without Power from Non-hurricane Hurricane – SOLUTION

Thousands of HEAT records broken in the far north of America today — while the worst wildfires in history sweeping out of control in Colorado (being fought with ancient aircraft) and Tropical Storms like Debby bash areas in Florida at the same time. That is WEIRD and dangerous.

Yikes! How DO we prepare for more violent weather and heat? HEAT KILLS more than ice or water.

In HOUSTON, we went through the same problem of millions of people being without electricity after Hurricane IKE – no power for DAYS/WEEKS. NONE of us had solar panels so the refrigerators failed and food went bad. Everyone was sweaty and HOT. Going inside where there was no power was torture. Being outside was equally uncomfortable.

Utility companies keep putting electricity on poles — and winds keep knocking trees into them, cutting power. Until that insanity stops (and power is put underground), homeowners need to find smarter ways to avoid this life threatening problem. There is at least one way to to put more “power” back into the hands of ordinary Americans literally! What if someone needed oxygen? Or baby formula that is not spoiled?

Had we had solar panels we could have had enough electricity to keep the food frozen and recharge our cell phones until reconnected to the gird. Homeowners currently with solar panels also get to sell any surplus into the gird and get credit for it or get paid – a  money saver and income generator.

Moral: Between having solar panels on your roof and ARMOR GLASS Security Film keeping the glass windows from being breached by burglars, triple digit heat and hurricane force winds, you are PREPARED!


(And we don’t even sell Sell Solar Panels!) It’s just a complimentary way to help our customers get more secure and better off.