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Our Customers Are Out of This World – Godspeed Atlantis

As Atlantis takes its last flight into space, we pay homage to the special work done by NASA and its astronauts in the past 30 years. Its not over yet!

In fact, some of our Armor Glass® customers are “out of this world.” Yep. Many NASA’s astronauts in the Houston area have picked Armor Glass® security film to secure their homes from solar heat, hurricanes and burglars.

We have installed it in homes for NASA execs who worked on the International Space Station.
But you don’t have to be working in space to get Armor Glass®. We’ve done the same for architects and businesses –from Coca cola to the University of Houston and Rice University, Goodyear, Chase Bank, clothing stores, pharmacies, hospitals, office buildings, etc. It’s a long and growing list.

Why? Perhaps it is because our technology is “out of this world” yet the pricing is “down to earth.” Our hurricane protection costs a fraction of what shutters do – ten times less! And shutters don’t protect from break ins our cut solar heat and dangerous UV rays like our security film does. And unlike heavy plywood, you only install our protection once, and it works 24/7.
Although NASA has closed a chapter, it opens a new one as space exploration will continue even without the shuttle. Much of American technology, including ours, was developed from the science that came out of the space research done by NASA and others.
We look forward to supporting NASA and our “out of this world” customers as they conquer new worlds — and the solar heat and flying debris from hurricanes and tornadoes of this one — as this continuing saga moves on to new ventures and opportunities.
Godspeed Atlantis!